All the fans of Superheroes, movies and television series are familiar with the thrill of wearing custom made t-shirts of their favourite characters.  So how about, instead of waiting for the merchandise to launch, you design your own T-shirt?

You will require:

A cotton t-shirt, preferably white

A piece of Sandpaper




Tissue Paper

Now follow these steps:

Choose a design of your choice and draw it on the sandpaper using a black sketch pen.

Now colour the design with crayons, making sure to fill all the edges properly.

Next, spread the t-shirt on a flat surface and put a piece of cardboard between the two sides of the t-shirt, so that the design doesn’t transfer to the other side.

Now place the sandpaper on the t-shirt, with the side with the design, facing the fabric.

Once you are happy with the position of your design, cover the sandpaper with a tissue and iron it thoroughly.

Gently lift up the sandpaper, and your customised t-shirt is ready!!




Keep in mind:

Use bright colours for your design, this will make your design stand out.

If you want to add text to your design, remember that you will have to draw the mirror image of the text on the sandpaper. So that when you transfer it to the t-shirt, it turns out to be proper.

While using the iron, take the help of an adult.

Watch the DIY video here:

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