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Aug 02, 2017 at 10:53

21st January 2017. A historic date. Not only for the women of the world but the global population.  Donald Trump was welcomed into the white house after giving his wonderful *cough* wonderfully plagiarized *cough*  speech. In the speech he emphasized extravagantly about how he would listen to those who felt unheard and that  they would no longer be outlaws but would earn their rightful position and help shape the future of America. An America, for the Americans.

But that day, the women decided to stand up for what they believed in. They decided they wanted to be heard. And just like a tiger waiting to pounce on its prey, they waited, patiently and then let all hell break loose.

5 million. 5 million people came together worldwide to express their thoughts and actions. Over 1 million alone were in Washington DC. Women, sisters, grandmothers, grandfathers, brothers and husbands. They all came together. They made sure they were heard. Their issues were clear. They had just been rewarded by a president who denied them of reproductive rights, equal pay, action on climate change (as of course it was a Chinese scam, because the Chinese have nothing better to do.) and affordable health care. “You can do anything, grab them by the pussy. When you’re a star they let you do it.” This heart rendering statement was said by none other than the POTUS.

After enraging over 5 million people worldwide with these very words, these feminists changed this symbol of disrespect into a symbol of rebellion. Women have been knitting these pink hats known as “pussyhats” which mock the POTUS and provide them with a sign of unity.

“My body, my choice. Her body, Her choice.” The streets outside The Capitol Building were filled with chanting, and this is how Mr. Trump was welcomed into the White House.

Today, this movement is going global. Women are joining this mass movement every day . Although, there was no march in India, many of us here feel the same way. The Women’s march has accounts on every social media and even a website to advertise their belief and work with people with the same outlook worldwide. They have already started a new campaign: 10 actions/100 days where every ten days they will take an issue they care about and give these issues a voice. Here in India, we must also vocalize these issues. Spread our wings and make these problems are made known.

Like silence, but not really silent.
Just that nice kind of quiet.
Like the sound when you lie upside down in your bed.
Just the sound of your heart in your head.

And though the people around me.
Their mouths are still moving.
The words they are forming,
Cannot reach me anymore!

And it is quiet.
And I am warm.
Like I’ve sailed.
Into the eye of the storm.”

This song is an anthem. An anthem for women worldwide. I can’t keep quiet. I won’t keep quiet. And nor should you.

Ishani Khemka

Student Reporter

January 2017.