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Pure Hearts is a children's initiative from Delhi-NCR with children aged between 6-18 years. These children are from various schools like The Shri Ram School, Heritage School, Pathways, DPS, Lotus Valley, Kunskapsskolan and different residential areas of Gurgaon. They have come together to bring change in the society, a continuous process.

The foundation for Pure Hearts was laid in October 2014 by 10 children at Nirvana Country, Gurgaon who study at The Shri Ram School and The Heritage School Gurgaon. After the floods in Jammu and Kashmir in 2014, these children showed their concern and got thinking about ways to help the community.  The efforts of these 10 children resulted in turning what was then, a one off campaign into a sustained initiative, with many more children being included in it.

The five senior children Jhanvi Sareen, Madhav Veer Singh, Nitish Sahni, Samarth Jain and Sanya Malik were the initial think tank of Pure Hearts, and continue to be involved in shaping the direction that Pure Hearts should take.

The first fundraiser by Pure Hearts was aimed at helping children suffering from cancer. These children gathered the support of their friends and siblings and put together a musical evening at the Nirvana Patio Club. The model was simple; use whatever skills you have – singing, dancing, drumming, guitar, drama etc.  Not only did they spend time conceptualizing and scripting the evening, they also put in effort practicing for the event, organizing the venue, selling tickets for the show and managing the logistics.  The tremendous hard work that they all put in left them drained, but the fact that they could help 5 children to sustain their cancer treatment was a joy.  With limited resources and little time outside school hours, the delight of having worked together with each other and being successful in their objective made them believe in themselves and ignited the want to do more for the community.

These senior members also realised that if such an effort needs to be sustained, they need a larger group of children to share their work load.  Gradually, more and more children who were willing to contribute their time joined the Pure Hearts team.  Today, it is a good feeling that children are calling them to be included in these initiatives.

A snapshot of some of the causes embraced by Pure Hearts in 2015 is as follows:

Jeevan Ek Umang (Children’s Day)

A fundraiser for critically ill Children on November 15, 2015

During the holidays in October and November 2015, all children of Pure Hearts contributed their time for Pure Heart’s annual fundraiser event “Jeevan Ek Umang”,” at the Epicentre Gurgaon.

The event was planned around Children’s day and enacting Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, helped raise awareness and seek support on social issues impacting children such as Child Labour, Girl Child and Child Trafficking etc.  Children prepared the Audio Visual Content, were involved in script writing and movie making.

As a team, they raised over Rs 500,000/- towards the treatment of children with critical illnesses, of which Rs. 325,000/- was donated to the Genesis Foundation and the balance was kept for Eye testing camps and future financial aid to any medical case.

Fund raiser for Nepal Earthquake Victims, 10 May’15(Epicentre) Being shaken by the tragedy in Nepal, Volunteered with Pure Hearts to help injured victims

Pure Hearts could raise approx. INR 2 lacs, which were donated to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund.  One of the members of Pure Hearts is a winner of the PR America Spirit of Community Service Awards.  He contributed his prize money of Rs 35,000 (net of tax deduction) to “AWWA” for Nepal earthquake relief.

Over 350 people were present at the fundraiser to support the cause

Awareness of Armed Forces Flag Day on 7th December (2014 & 2015)

Since the Flag Day campaign in 2014, Pure Hearts has felt for and respected the contribution of the Armed Forces.

Raised 1,75,000 and 40,800/-  in favour of the Kendriya Sainik Board in 2015 and 2016 respectively for the disabled war veterans and martyrs’ widows

Infrastructure – Right to Road- Mar’15

Pathetic condition of roads in the neighborhood are causing harm to pregnant women, patients with spinal problems and senior citizens

Pure Hearts senior children met and requested authorities (HUDA/ MCG/ Ministry) for better roads. The Signature campaign highlighted the misery of commuters, especially of people with spine problems, elderly and pregnant ladies

~2500 signatures submitted by Pure Hearts to the Haryana Administration.

Requested roads were repaired  as a result of the campaign

World Environment Day – 5 June’15- Donate a plant campaign

Collected over 700 potted plants from various residential complexes in Gurgaon, including 100 from the Horticulture Department over 5 days

A signature campaign and  placards were designed for drives in schools and marketplaces

Pure Hearts children helped identify zones that were notified to the Horticulture department for watering during summer

These potted plants were further  gifted at Senior Care Centre Samvedna”, an orphanage, “The Shelter” and 3 market places in Gurgaon (DLF Galleria, Nirvana Courtyard and Good Earth Mall), with a pledge signed to “tend to the plant”

 “Winter Clothes collection and distribution Drive” for the underprivileged in the Winter

(November 27 to December 27, 2015)

Reached out to households for unwanted cloth/shoes/blankets collections. Distribution in villages in Gurgaon, where over 1000 underprivileged children benefitted from the collected material.

For more information and to be part of this initiative, contact them at www.facebook.com/pureheartsclub

In a country starved, one girls efforts to feed the poor.