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Aug 02, 2017 at 10:25

At the stroke of a pen and when I cast my eyes around, I realised how pupils have turned from emotional bodies to machines. In the process of being instruments to the perceptions of the society, our Individuality fades and loses life. Invincible social norms, religion pedigree, family prejudices and rampant nepotism defines and outlines people’s Triumph and Failures. Consequently our blind self  leads to insecurities and indecisiveness   in our lives. We tend to follow the social patterns thereby, ignoring our own light of self and soul. We all are different fabrics who cannot be framed into the same yarn, I would say.

According to religion taking it further, we are made to believe there is some supreme power which controls our life and death. The religion side of life concludes that life in a living being is just a part of the circle which ends in atonement of the sins and attainment of paradise.  If we may flip the other side of the coin, we will find that there is a larger meaning to our human lifewhich we may discover   within us.

I would intend to counter, the meaning of life which is taught to us by the human interpreted religion. In all phases of life, each one of us distinctly experiences the subconscious mind which carries immense power. This inner self battles with the conscious mind of the individual .The fact is that we never discover this inner self due to our preoccupied life and notions. Irony being that this inner us will enlighten the reality of life which will not be in accordance to the norms set by our surroundings. The constant battle for conquering zenith makes the man, distant from his real self .Thereby forgetting the prime objectives of him being sent to earth as living particle of universe.  At the dead end we realise that the long hours we had been working for, to achieve the goal has all gone into vain, reason being, the true purpose of this life is not only adhering to deadlines but also listening in silence to the soul’s need of happiness and ultimate peace.   The world is way too large for minds to ponder and souls to wander. So follow the voice of your mind and heart incepted by god and not the one framed by society .Don’t stop at these failures, these flag points will vanish once you take the staircase of what you actually deserve. It will be tough to accept the new, the unique but that will surely give the satisfaction of leading the precious human life. Thus I would conclude by saying, life has a dynamic perspective, it just needs a wanderer who can discover the depths of this human living. Thus relish and cherish every moment of life for your own Self rather leaving it for others to judge. At the onset, simulate every moment of happiness in the mirrors of self and soul.

Almanya Singh

Student Reporter

February 2017