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Aug 02, 2017 at 05:30

Elections in this country are all about getting your caste equations right and gathering support through vote bank politics . Then the UP elections came along and proved to be a big myth buster.

In the recent result of UP elections on March 11 , we witnessed a land slide victory of BJP, who won 324 out the 403 seats . We can surely say that the BJP has won the ticket for the semi final round of 2019 elections, and that too in an emphatic fashion. They were able to crumble the regional opposition political parties – SP and BSP.

Let’s get to the crux of the turn of events, and knowing what all paved the way for BJP victory.

Firstly, BJP’s star campaigners’ list which had some powerful leaders like the mighty NaMo, Amit Shah and Rajnath Singh, attracted valuable votes and proved to be political magnets. Moreover, we can’t take away the face value factor too. Narendra Modi has become a brand now, and none of the opposition parties has as strong a personality who can lock horns with this mighty one!

Secondly, Amit Shah’s micromanagement skills made him ‘Man of the Match’ .His meticulous planning of placement of polling booths, keeping a strong check on narratives, involvement at local level and even crowd sourcing suggestions for manifesto proved to be spot on.

Thirdly , demonetization didn’t harm, rather it contributed significantly to the BJP’s pro poor image .

Fourthly, BJP was the only political party which openly opposed the triple talaq move and was ready to hurt the ‘maulanas’ but wanted to ensure justice for Muslim women .

At the same time, the faltering oppositions paved a clear way for BJP .

SP which was the biggest force in UP failed to clinch voters. The murky family feud, division of Muslim votes, Congress’ tainted image for corruptions and scams, and delay in ticket distribution, all added to the loss of the biggest force in UP, that couldn’t even secure 100 seats this time !

Adding to it, Akhilesh led SP committed a self goal on the political pitch when it weaved an alliance with  Congress, to get Muslim votes. It all was in vain, as Congress with its corrupt image could only manage to win only 7 out of the 105 seats allotted.

Even though Akhilesh did well in the ‘development’ sphere, calls to heinous crimes and violence against women were unanswered. Moreover, the callous approach of SP miserably failed  to keep a check on the ever rising crimes against women in its own territory. Sadly, the trusted Muslim vote bank also did not respond to the appeals made by Azam Khan.

The  other regional opposition party which failed to even make a mark was  Mayawati led BSP. She has surely lost her Political charm. The so called leader of Dalits, has just been spewing venom against political parties but has failed to project her own party as an alternative. She has been sent packing with 19 seats in the elections by the next gen of voters.

It’s high time for political parties to understand, that this time, the voters won’t be catching any baits based on religion thrown  by the political influencers. This public is not just a bunch of Pandits, Maulvis or Dalits, they are rationale voters who want socio-economic development and not ‘Communal Development’.


Simran Sachdeva and Sathak Dewan

Student Reporters