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Aug 02, 2017 at 10:43

Hello everyone. Today I would just like to express the disappointment that I have bottled up, and can no longer keep inside me. Periods. The mere word itself must’ve made you quit this page and clear your search history. Boys sit right there. You deserve to know. You need to know. We girls go through this every month and I’m pretty sure you can survive a short article.

You know that one aunt we all hate but who comes anyway for a surprise visit, so so often. She pulls your cheeks and feeds you chocolates and chips until your stomach aches and aches. So now compare her to dripping blood and a shedding uterus. Along with frequent blinding pain. That my friends in a nutshell, is a period.

So during this time, the ovum (a fancy word for egg) cracks and sheds off its remnants along with the remnants of the uterus via periods. It’s funny; you know when girls are on their period, we aren’t allowed to enter a temple? I find it extremely amusing that our so called creator would find us impure and unfit to be in his presence when he himself decided that we would go through this “lovely” process. But alright, that’s only one of the infamous myths. Another says that when women are on their periods and look at another man, they get pregnant. Ahhh the art of divine intervention, it feels good to know that humans have such powers.

But alright getting back to the topic, the remnants shed off and now unless we want our clothes to look like the set of the Game of Thrones, we need to prevent them from getting stained. And *drumroll please* now enters the pad. The hero of this battle. So pads are a little like diapers, but instead of human excreta, they soak up blood. They are stuck to our underwear with the help of wings. Not bird wings not butterfly wings and not angel wings. Just sticky flaps. Nothing too interesting there.

It takes us quite a long time to find a comfortable position so if you ask us to move or tell us were lazy, or state the obvious and say we look ugly or bloated or too covered in pimples, we will kill you. It’s a natural thing so don’t make a big deal about it. Were back to normal in 4-5 days and sometimes even less.

So be patient, and always act normal.

You don’t want a girl running crazy on hormones to be mad at you. But if she is, I’m sorry in advance.

If you completed this article I just wanted to say congratulations. I wish you the best in life.

Ishani Khemka

Student Reporter

January  2017