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Aug 02, 2017 at 08:47

The chaos, ironically resting over our dreams; of our career, and respectively chosen, academic streams.

They expect us to study a lot; unlock new realms. You know “Look, look! They’re Indians, to be an Engineer is supposed to be in their genes!”

The books pile up, tutors put in their motivation. The libraries, students hunting for various compendiums The lonely child, whose creativity and freedom, you have locked;

Away with the other activities he enjoyed, that were blocked.

The elders, they talk about Social causes, such morons, The only desire for them is that their children learn the atomic radii of Boron!

The silence from the child, mirroring trauma; The job he got (at an obvious) data centre…or shall we say pharma!

Stuck in his personal imagination, Bad grades, teachers’ berates exclusion from society, right into isolation

No matter how hard he tried; The bright future, that was promised unto him? He did not achieve it, because fate, fate lied.

Gaurav Bidalia

Student Reporter