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Aug 02, 2017 at 10:59

Dangal girl Zaira Wasim, recently posted an apology on Facebook which took the internet by storm and gave people a chance to play the guessing  game.

Honestly speaking, she is a young and talented actress who gives the Indian society an idea that the state of Kashmir, that has always been in news for terror attacks and everything violent, has also given birth to capable youth.

There have been several speculations over the fact that the apology was because she was threatened, at the same time many people simply assumed that it was a reaction as she was heavily trolled on social media. While it’s possible that she could have been threatened, especially when she belongs to a state like Kashmir, known for the orthodox society and people who don’t wish to see girls in the show business, the latter seems more probable. This is mostly because she has herself denied the fact that she was threatened.

In fact, this entire controversy has taken more of a political outlook. It all started mainly in the last two days, since she landed in the summer capital of Jammu for some event, particularly her meeting with Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti. The government handout made it sound as if it was Zaira’s desire to meet the CM, and this caused the social media trollers to post memes and jokes criticising her. In retaliation to these, she decided to post an apology on social media.

Zaira claims that she wished to apologize to all the people whose sentiments she had unintentionally hurt. Her apology went to the extent of her stating that she didn’t wish for anyone to consider her a role model or even an inspiration. She said that she believes that there are far better people who should be termed as “inspirational”. In my opinion, this is where things went a little out of hand. Just because some incapable people decided to criticise her work does not mean that she needs to apologize to them. Their opinion is their own problem and they should find a way of dealing with it. This 16-year old may not be an “inspiration’’, but undoubtedly she is a motivation, someone who tells the youth of Kashmir that they are free to follow their dreams and nobody can stop them.

Finally, it is the online trollers who should be criticised for what they did. We may have issues, we may not have the same opinion as others, we may have the right to our own perspective, but there is no religion that teaches bringing down the other person in any form.

Let’s not be gods. Zaira has rightly concluded her apology saying: May Allah bless us and guide us!

Sanjana Kumar

Student Reporter

January 2017