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Aug 01, 2017 at 05:16

As one of the premier institutions for primary education, Tender Hearts has made its mark on the city of Nawabs. Team School Live had the opportunity of interacting with Mrs Roopa Khanna, the Founder Principal.

  1. What was the idea behind the foundation of the school?
  2. A. Around 30 years back, we conceptualised the idea of a kindergarten school keeping in mind my daughter’s education. Being an educationist with specialisation in child psychology, I noticed a gap between the theory and practices being followed in most of the pre-primary schools and my desire to set up a good pre-school, putting my learning into practice, grew stronger.

Thus, the school was started in 1 room with 1 section of pre-nursery and only 3 students  with the idea of imparting education beyond the textbooks at an affordable price. It was felt that though the same books are followed in many schools, it’s the curriculum and the way education is imparted which makes the difference. So we started designing the curriculum and modifying our pedagogy keeping in mind the ease of learning. A lot of care was taken to give personal attention to children while ensuring their academic excellence, and in a short span of time the school created a niche in the academic circles of Lucknow and is now proud to have 4 branches in the city.

  1. Since its inception, what do you feel have been some of the major changes in the institution?

 The Mantras to Success: Keeping pace with changing times

THS started with Montessori method of teaching but over the time period it has evolved from Pre- Primary to Primary then Secondary and now going to be Senior Secondary School. In due course it has also adopted varying modern methods of teaching like technology assisted teaching, Cross-curriculum teaching, Project based learning/co-operative learning wherein innovative and enterprising practices are encouraged providing a stimulating environment to ensure holistic development of the students.

  1. What would you say are some of the major achievements of the school?

A  In  my view the major achievement of a school can be judged in two categories: first, growth of assets and second, the success of students. With the swelling number of children seeking admission in Tender Hearts School in every session and establishment of four branches we have surely proved our mettle and were able to win the faith of parents with quality education imparted to students over the years. When it comes to the success of our alumni, we can surely be boisterous of having many successful professionals and businessmen as our alumni.

  1. How has the school integrated technology with education and what do you feel are the challenges associated with it?
  2. The use of technology has opened a plethora of opportunities for both the teachers and the students. Amassing knowledge on various topics, getting a knowhow of world affair and becoming aware of various views has come on a click. At Tender Hearts School we not only teach about various technological advances around the world but also its uses. But use of technology is double edged. So we try to make our students aware of the pitfalls and help them develop the wisdom and skill to use the technology judiciously.

We are also trying to make our administrative work paperless with the use of technology. It’s our bit towards saving our environment. The digital class has brought a better understanding of the topics. The teaching learning process has become more joyful and interactive with the amalgamation of technology along with the traditional way of teaching. It is said that ‘a picture speaks a thousand words,’ hence, the animation has helped enhance students understanding of various topics. At Tender Hearts School we aim to develop techno-savvy attitude in young THSitians.

  1. Do you think social media is interfering with the educational value on the internet?
  2. A. I won’t deny that present generation is exposed to a lot of varied ideas in social media on the internet. This has its own pros and cons. It makes child aware that on one issue there might be various viewpoints and they’ll have to learn to respect them all. Some of these interface are enriching and help in broadening the horizon. But as we all know that every crowd has its own black sheep and if we are able to imbibe true values in our children and are able to keep them grounded then let’s not be worried about the effect of social media or the internet. I feel that good schooling plays a very important role in this as it can not only keep the child hooked to their own culture, tradition and values but also makes them emotionally strong to overcome any such influences.
  1. What is the educational philosophy of the school?
  2. At THS, we strongly believe that every child can learn and we only need to know the strong intelligences of the child, understand their needs and provide learning opportunities that match their abilities. Common sense tells us that the world not only needs doctors and engineers but also writers, artists and dancers. THS provides opportunities for a child to use his/her inclinations to promote growth and nurture curious, independent and forward thinking citizens. Keeping in mind these traits the students are coached in various hobbies and guided in developing various skills that will help them stand tall in a milieu. We do our best for the students to be confident and tension free so as to usher them in a wave of new hope, equip them with the courage to face any challenges they may come across.
  1. How accessible is the school for parents?
  2. A. THS believes that school and parents are equal stakeholders when it comes to a child’s education. So it’s very important that there are constant interactions between the two. Keeping in mind this philosophy regular parent-teacher interaction is organised and recorded for further follow ups. Beyond these separate interactions are organised to address parent grievances.
  1. What is the school’s policy when it comes to dealing with indiscipline?
  2. We believe that discipline is a state of mind so a sense of discipline is to be inculcated from the childhood. Letting the children know the logical aspects of being disciplined helps us motivate them for self-discipline. Irrespective of all these approaches if there is a case of indiscipline then we first try to understand the root cause then follow it up with child counselling and parent interaction. In repeated cases of indiscipline the school authority issues Disciplinary Card for warning the child against strict disciplinary action followed by rustication.
  1. What are some of the future goals of Tender Hearts?

As Dr A P J Abdul Kalam puts it “A dream is not that which you see while sleeping, it is something that does not let you sleep.” Believing strongly in this philosophy, Tender Hearts  School, Lucknow not only tries to motivate the THSitians to dream big but also helps them in their strive to achieve success. We are focusing on imparting education which could evoke a passion for learning and develop the requisite sets of attitude, skills and knowledge that would enable to our learner to maximize their potential towards being positive and  responsible thus improving their participation in our democratic and rapidly progressing global community.

Mrs Roopa Khanna

Founder Principal

Tender Hearts School