Aug 03, 2017 at 09:45

One couldn’t stress enough the effect sugar has on you, and our expert Kavita Devgan will tell you as much.

I have written so many times about sugar and it’s ill effects, especially around this time of the year that this time I had decided I won’t. Past sermons should work, I thought. But when I saw the amount of meetha consumption happening around me, from children to even really old people, I realized another pep talk was definitely in order. After all the (sugar) devil is pretty devious, and a fresh reminder might help, I felt.

We have all had more than fair share of sugar during the last two months thanks to Diwali, Bhaiya Dooj, Guru Purab, and then Christmas and the big daddy of all – the New Year celebrations brought our way even more meetha (dessert), of a different kind- Chocolates, cakes, tarts anyone!

We anyway need little excuse to gorge on mithais, but the festivals make it even easier to do that.

I don’t want to spoil the sugar party for you, but there are some basic facts I thought I must bring to your notice. And also make my case (again) about why we need to rethink just a bit before we pick up that next brownie or sandesh.

Excess consumption of sugar in any form spurts the aging process. Yes, sugar ages you! Both internally as well as externally by showing up on your skin as wrinkles etc. So, when you cut it off you’ll feel as good as you look! Big bonus!

It makes you gain weight of course (that your clothes must be telling you loud and clear and also the weighing scale that you must have taken out in 2017 beginning when the resolutions mania reminded you of your health). Ditch the sugar and you’ll effortlessly knock off this recent weight gain in no time, even if you don’t do put in any additional efforts.

Sugar is addictive, so unless you stop willfully, every next bite you have will make you a further slave of these sinful syrupy goodies. Willfully give it up and you won’t be a slave to sugar cravings. And stop any further damage.

Haven’t been sleeping well lately? Well, blame that on sugar too. Blood sugar issues are a very common cause of insomnia. So prune sugar from your diet and you will get more and better quality sleep! Worth doing just for this one benefit, I tell you.

Sugar flames and triggers allergies, asthma, and in the long run even heart disease and cancer. And loads of liver damage, too. Too much of a price for that one extra pastry and 5 minutes of sinful satisfaction and comfort. Which if you ask me actually doesn’t comfort… just fakes the feeling for a very short time.

Sugar feeds fatigue. Yes, so when you say goodbye to  sugar, you say bye to those energy highs and lows that are holding you back and making you wonder just what could be wrong with you.  So, want enough energy to do really well at both studies and sports and anything else that you fancy… take a good look at the about  of sugar you are consuming. And chop the amount drastically. You’ll love the All New far more Energetic and Efficient YOU!


In Defence of Mediocrity
Somebody has to start speaking up for us, and rather urgently at that!

Mansi Tikko