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CATEGORY: Slam Poetry

Today, we bid our goodbyes To a world that never cared Enough for us, Drowning us in a sea of disdai

I never forgot the day you embarrassed me the worst Speaking with your usual hitches, stammering at

A long time ago, I was a brilliant one Always known for perfection &''Winner”, &''Champion&r

Clad in lace, muslin and veil, Champa flowers adorning her trail, The expanse of thick, black top,

My mom and dad are not what they seem, Their dull appearance is a part of their scheme. I know of

The earth brought forth the rugged gold Fire and iron bellows made it fine And from the depths of th

The pressure of study. The blabbering of Mummy. Publishing math problems in our minds. And histor

he house was new, Let me see those scars and the broken bones, of the kid on the street holding a st

The house was new, The price was sane, But a part of his life, Was spent by the window pane. The wi

The chaos, ironically resting over our dreams; of our career, and respectively chosen, academic stre

I can’t step out look at my poor plight The dust grabs my neck hard and the smoke threatens me

Like a feather, my body drifts away to a whole new world, to a whole new stage where I dance away