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Satchels to School Bags
Ever wonder how did all the different things you take to school evolve? Look at how computer changed right in front of our eyes. An iPhone changes every year! We decided to do a series on how every essential item that we carry to school has come to take their current form. So hop on, and see how your beloved school bag journeyed.
Sep 25, 2018 at 00:00

A long long time ago, when books and mortals had started living in harmony, the mortals gained knowledge from the books while the books accompanied them to schools and colleges. Books lead a life of freedom and the mortals would carry them around, holding onto them with their bare hands. Although, the books were ecstatic to be far away from any bounds and chains, they were constantly subjected to harsh weather, dirt and rain. Grieved by the depleting quality of the masters that blessed them with the gift of knowledge, the mortals devised a satchel made out of the materials that they had, canvas and leather, and thus the first school bag was born.

At the beginning, the mortals were new to the craft and thus, the satchels were simple, with just a strap to hang them by the shoulders. However, as time passed by, the mortals grew crafty and began to include new elements to the basic satchel. They would now make satchels of different shapes and sizes, and add newer elements to enhance the look of the satchel, such as, a buckle, colourful straps, patterns and designer patches. This new invention of the mortals, soon spread like wildfire, not only did it keep the books protected from external damage, it also complimented the school uniforms, and had almost become a fashion statement.

As time went by, the mortals were required to carry more and more books to their schools and colleges. Thus, inspired by the backpacks adorned by the trekkers and hikers on their backs, the school bag got an upgrade and the first modern backpack was born. The new backpack was much more savvy, it was easier to carry and  had multiple chains and compartments, some even had side pockets to hold water bottles and inner pockets to hold items that the school going mortals wanted to hide from their parents, not to forget, a small external pocket to hold the tiffin boxes. The mortals who designed the new backpacks were smart, not only did they use Nylon instead of canvas or leather, which made the backpacks waterproof and lightweight, but they also captured the essence of school life and made the backpacks as user friendly, as they come.

The backpack was so loved, that since then, the design of the backpack has not changed much. Every once a while, the mortals do try to experiment with the design of the backpack, for instance some backpacks now come with wheels and can be dragged around school, some are covered in pictures of Barbies, cartoon characters or Superheroes, some have the name of the brand; flashing pretty conspicuously, while some simply have a witty quote or a quirky picture.

However, time is still young, and the minds of mortals still run like clockwork. Who knows what new design for a school bag will they come up with? We just have to wait and watch.


When adolescents start caring, things move in the right direction.