Feliz Navidad!! It’s Christmas season, a time to exchange gifts, cake and memories. So here is a simple DIY Superhero Frame that you can gift your cousin or a friend who is a superhero fan. They will love it!!

You will require:

A plain photo frame

Spare Comic books

Paint brush

White Glue



Now follow these steps:

Pick out your friend’s favourite superhero comic book.

Select the pages that you think are the most interesting or have the most interesting scenes.

Cut those pages out carefully, with the help of a cutter and scissors. Now separate the frames using  scissors.

Coat your photo frame with a layer of glue and water solution with the help of a brush.

Stick a layer of miscellaneous scenes, all over the frame.

If there are wrinkles on your pictures, smoothen them out with the help of a ruler.

Now, to add another dimension to your superhero frame, stick another layer of scenes all over the frame.

Let it dry.

Your Superhero Photo Frame is ready!!

Keep in mind:

Choose bright and dynamic scenes for your photo frame.

Be very careful while sticking the scene on the frame.

You can also combine scenes from two different superhero comics to make it even more interesting!

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