One of the most anticipated releases of the year, a movie whose trailer and teasers had everyone hooked, Suicide Squad was good, but sadly, not good enough to live up to the legacy of DC universe.

For those who prefer the bad ways of the super villains, this seemed like the perfect concept. An entire movie dedicated to the treacherous ways of the fascinating world of villains sounded refreshing. A dream team of highly dangerous, fabulously bad, and fiercely lethal criminals termed as “Suicide Squad” is assembled by intelligence operative, Amanda Waller, in the wake of Superman’s death. The US Government in exchange for reduced sentences assigns a highly sensitive mission this band of misfits. A lot could go wrong when you are forced to put your faith in non-conventional antagonists.

Unfortunately for us, the movie could not execute all that it set out to do. The story line had immense potential but was delivered in a muddled form, containing a lot of unresolved loopholes, the editing was not as exceptional as one would expect for a movie of this scale, and the story failed to connect with the audience; some might even call it detached.

If you are looking for a reason to watch it, go for the acting. The actors’ left no stone unturned to step into the shoes of their characters, they have done what every actor dreams of doing- they became their characters. This team of antiheroes with their bizarre ideologies, and freaky tricks does complete justice in showing us why the superheroes don’t have it all. Their ways are so wicked, they start to look good.

For all the Heath Ledger fans, Jared Leto’s performance will be a sweet surprise. The two cannot be compared- having their own style- but Leto’s performance, as the Joker does not disappoint. The Thirty Seconds to Mars front man had gigantic shoes to fill, and he has done this with a shocking intensity, not afraid of adding a touch of his own charisma to it.

The storyline wasn’t the best, but Suicide Squad will still be a decent treat with its own golden moments for the diehard DC Comics fans.

Vitasta Singh
Student Reporter