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Aug 02, 2017 at 07:24

I never forgot the day you embarrassed me the worst

Speaking with your usual hitches, stammering at every single word.

How in front of all those teachers, parents and friends, you were miserably slow.

How your speech went unnoticed, but your weakness showed.

It didn’t bother me, if it broke your heart, seeing my disgust at your first attempt.All that worried me was why my mother had to be one, who could never fit in.

Who couldn’t speak without pauses and gaps and too many gulps.

Whose hands would shake uncontrollably before stepping up in the front.

Years after I left you to drown in your loneliness, I rose to fame and won my most awaited award.After hours of thinking of whether or to not, I invited you for the function celebrating my success.

I made the best possible arrangements, to hide you from the elite ones.

For I didn’t want to face that embarrassment because of you again.

You walked towards me, smiling, while I talked to my senior officials.

You came with the shabbiest outfit and the dirtiest shoes to the event.

Your eyes gleamed at me with pride,

mine stared at you with pure embarrassment.

Signalling the security to quietly drag you awayI cared only about how I would be judged, with a stutterer sticking around me.

I cared about nothing but my image, my position, my status.

How my image would go down because of your inability.

You walked away, quietly, with a little note crumpled between your fingers.I pretended to ignore that pain in your once proud eyes.

The slouch in your once confident shoulders.

Till one fine day, I received your letter.

Where you sent that same crumpled note you carried to my function.It shattered me, to realise that on that day, never were you walking towards me.

You were walking to the stage despite your fear,

Ready for a little speech only for me.

Ayesha Thatte