Crayons are so much fun! DIY Scratch Crayon Art is simple to make, a lot of fun and definitely makes for interesting room decor!

You will need:

1. Oil Pastels/Crayons
2. Skewers/toothpicks
3. A plain sheet of paper
4. A pair of scissors
5. Glue
6. Black paint (preferably acrylic)

Now follow these steps:

1. Divide your plain sheet of paper into 2 inch strips, from the top to the bottom.
2. Now colour each strip with a different crayon.
Once you have coloured the entire sheet, apply a coat of black paint on your crayon coloured sheet. 3. Let the paint dry properly.
4. Now use skewers or toothpick, and make any design of your choice by scratching the black paint.
5. After you are done, cut out your design and paste it wherever you want. Be it your school bag, your tiffin box, your notebook or your art book!

You can also:

1. Use any one colour crayon to colour your sheet before applying black paint.
2. You can also replace the black paint with any dark coloured paint.
3. Your designs can be as big or as small as you want.

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