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Aug 02, 2017 at 13:03

Amish Tripathi


After the success of the Shiva trilogy, Amish returns with the Ram Chandra Series. As done before, Amish explores the life of Shri Ram in his own unique style. He starts the story with the Apharan or Kidnapping of Maa Sita and then narrates the story through a flashback returning to the first scene on the last page, perhaps hinting at the continuous and eternal circle that life represents. What makes the book, possibly a little more engaging than the original Ramayana  is the unexpected twists and the fact that Amish makes the Gods a little more human. For example many of us who would have heard or seen the Ramayana would wonder why Ram, the God would listen to a dhobi and make his own wife go through Agni Pariksha, however, one might not wonder the same thing for Ram, the human; for a human is allowed to make mistakes. It is Amish’s this very quality that makes his characters more lovable. Even though one has known Ram all their life, heard about him and even celebrated his homecoming, this book is a completely new introduction to him.

This book is not only entertaining, but I believe, if read carefully it provides answers to many of the problems faced by India and the world today via very enlightening discussions between Guru Vashishtha and his students.

However, I found the book to be a slight disappointment if compared to the ‘Immortals of Meluha’. The book, if read after the Meluhan series feels almost like a repetition although with a different God and slight background and timeline change. After a while of reading, Amish’s writing style has a tendency of becoming quite repetitive, one can almost predict what comes next.

Nevertheless I would recommend this book to everyone and anyone who loves reading and wishes a light, yet intriguing read.

Kunalika Gautam