Set in the late 1950s, the film is primarily based on the life of a Naval Officer named Rustom Pavri( Akshay Kumar). The film begins on a happy note where we see Rustom marry Cynthia (Ileana D’cruz). Rustom is completely devoted to the nation, earnest and sincere towards his job and has the capability to do something for the country. He lives with his charming wife and is a good husband.

Everything seems to be working well between the loving couple. But the plot takes a twist when Rustom finds out about his wife’s infidelity with Vikram Makhija. He is absolutely shattered, seeks revenge by murdering Vikram Makhija. From here, the plot takes an enthralling turn, turning into a typical crime thriller. Rustom is tried by the court and he pleads not guilty of the crime. What happens next?

Akshay acting in the movie is great, as the assertive and intelligent naval officer. He is so involved in the role that one cannot turn away from his dignified presence on screen. Ileana plays the part of his wife perfectly, her manner and style surpasses splendours of other actors. Esha on the other hand her tries to spruce up the film as much as she can by playing the beautiful, strong woman who fights for her brother and antagonizes Rustom. Even the dialogues of the film are apt and the direction pleasant.

Do watch, to know what happens!

Aniket Parihar
Student Reporter