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Aug 02, 2017 at 08:28

Like a feather, my body drifts away

to a whole new world, to a whole new stage

where I dance away my troubles and worries,

peacefully and gracefully.

My heart skips a beat on the thought of swaying,

from left to right or like a free kite,

with my arms waving up and about

and my legs trying to straighten out

to reach for the twinkling vastness beyond the clouds

to show the world of how proud

my body cheerfully stands in the middle of a stance,

Still and poise, as if in a trance.

My body lives in a lost world.

My mind travels beyond space and time.

My heart stays in its bony expanse.

My soul thrives when I dance.

Rhythmic struts, pirouettes, and twirls

is not my definition for this beautiful expression.

But rather, my view is of achieving delight and glee,

as every time I dance, it becomes a part of me.

My five senses are completely encapsulated

by this beautiful form of expression.

No regrets I have, nor complaints,

for this captivation.

I see myself slide across the floor. I hear my screeching feet.

I smell the furnished wood. I taste the blandness of the icy water,

ordering my body to cool.

I feel everything at once,

as if standing in the middle of a hurricane,

of elation, joy, content, but no pain.

To a layman’s eye this may seem normal,

cause he has only taken a peek, a glance,

unlike me, to whom it is a rebirth

on this earth,

to whom who calls it dance.

Mahika Khanduri

Student Reporter