The sun is out with a vengeance and seems hell bent on making us suffer, if nothing else, of a bad tan. However, what keeps us going is the wait for the arrival of monsoons, when the raindrops would give solace to the scorched earth. But whether it be the sun or the monsoons, an umbrella remains our loyal friend, and it’s high time now that we upgrade the bland umbrellas that we have been using.

There are a billion ways to decorate an umbrella. One can use foam cut-outs, waterproof colours, lace, ribbons, beads etc. Let’s now take a look at how to make a Watermelon Umbrella, that will keep you dry and fashionable!

You will need:

Waterproof Fabric colours

A white umbrella

Paint brushes


Now follow these steps:

Pour out red colour onto your palette and mix a small quantity of white to form a colour, as close as that of a watermelon.

Paint the entire umbrella with this colour. Don’t forget to paint the insides red as well.

Now colour a 10 cm wide strip from the rim of the umbrella, with dark green colour.

Mix green and white to make a light green shade and paint a 4 cm wide strip with this colour. Start from where the previous strip ended.

Next, use black colour to make the seeds of the watermelon, in the area that you have coloured red. You can make as many seeds as you want. Stop when you think your umbrella looks like an actual watermelon.

Let your umbrella dry and it’s ready to accompany your for a stroll!!


Keep in mind that:

Use only waterproof fabric colours to decorate your umbrellas.

Use bright, contrasting colours to make your design more appealing.

If you use foam cut out, apply the glue on the edges of the shape. Foam cut outs have a tendency to curl up after coming in contact with water, and the application of glue to the edges will prevent this.