After a random encounter with an abandoned pup, Zabi Khan decided that he will not let another animal suffer like he witnessed with the pup do. Someone who didn’t dare raise his hand in the class, grew up to  become someone who raises the roof for animals. Zabi Khan in his own words.


I have loved animals for as long as I can remember, but all of it started when I turned 13. I was walking down the street when I saw a german shepherd pup lying on the road, I inquired around and found that someone had just dropped him off a car and never returned. I got him home and named him Casanova. However, 4 days later, Casanova was running very high temperature.

I took him to the vet with my dad, the vet examined him and told me, that my little kiddo would be all fine within a few days. Once back home, Casanova remained a little dull but followed me around all through the day.

I woke up at 4am the next morning, as I was feeling uneasy. I called out to Casanova, he didn't respond, my little kiddo was no more. I still clearly remember that morning and it still gives me shudders. My dad told me that Casanova was suffering from parvo bacteria and was at the last stage, he was probably abandoned because his previous owners thought he wasn’t worth investing so much in. As a matter of fact, why would they put in so much money and efforts to treat a dog, at the end of the day, they can always buy another. That night shattered me, but also showed me the meaning of my life. I promised myself that I would never let any animal suffering like my Casanova did. My life had a purpose and a meaning now!


I wanted to speak for those who have always been loyal to us and in return, the human race has been hurting them, abusing them, electrocuting them and abandoning them. I started to volunteer for different local animal welfare NGOs/groups we had in the city, when I saw the cruelty and abuse that we humans inflict on animals. Knowing this, I could no longer live in peace, not when there's a war raging against animals, I could no longer feel full when they are being starved or feel warm when they are being isolated in cold tiny cages or feel safe while they are being brutalized. I started my NGO in 2014, when I was in class 12, and I named it, “A Place to Bark Society” (registered under Section 3 of Society Act). I rented a land near my house where I provided shelter to all my rescues.


‘A Place To Bark’ holds a strong position in the city for the welfare of animals. We deal with abandoned and abused dogs and cats, who have had a rough start in their lives. We rehabilitate, retrain and rehome them in the best families who deserve them. Our activities range from Animal adoption, rehabilitation, providing medical assistance to the injured animals, rescuing abused animals from pathetic conditions, creating awareness in schools, college and orphanages, sending food to animals affected with Natural calamities. While working for NGOs and other Animal Welfare groups, I realized that Shelters are always full and the infection levels are high. Most of the shelters in the city don’t take in any abandoned breed dogs. We wanted to help those who had no one and that led to the formation of ‘A Place to Bark Society’.


As I joined college, I thought, why not open a shelter inside my college campus. With this idea, I went to my college authorities and they were kind enough to grant me a place inside the campus and I opened my shelter there. It has been been almost 11 months now that I have been successfully running a shelter inside my college, making my college the first Animal Friendly Educational Campus in the city.


Acting on behalf of these animals that I would never meet but fight for every day, it has taken me from feeling like a powerless individual, to an important proactive part of the wheel, driving forth towards making this earth a kinder, gentler and a more sustainable place to live in. I have tried planting a seed of change and I take delight in seeing it grow.


We can all change this world, we can all raise our voice.

We all have it in us, no matter what our calling is.

For me, I promise I would never rest until every cage is empty and every tank is drained.



•The estimates of the past year are as follows:

•Cat and dog adoptions :      450

•Abandoned rescues :           180

•Rehoming cases :                  240

•Abused animals seized :       38

• Pigeon rescues :                     27

•Awareness programs conducted in: 12 schools 2 orphanages       

•Sent relief material to : VSPCA ND PFA