With Pokemon making a tremendous comeback with Pokemon Go, Pokemons are all that we talk about. For all you fans, what’s better than your own Pokemon Night Lamp. Follow these easy steps, and you will have a shiny new Pokeball night lamp in no time! Make your friends go crazy with envy!

You will need:

1. A lamp shade (in the shape as shown above in the picture)
2. Red paint (preferable acrylic)/Spray Paint
3. Pencil, paint brush and a pair of scissors
4. Black and white foam sheets
5. Sticking Tapes and some newspaper

Now follow these steps:

1. Stick a strip of black tape, all around the middle of the lamp shade, to create two separate sections.
2. Now paint the upper half of the lamp shade with red paint (use paper to cover the lower half if you are using spray paint).
3. Cut out a circle, out of black foam, big enough to be the button of your Poke ball.
4. Now cut out two smaller circles from the white foam, one smaller than the other.
5. Stick the three circle together, placing the larger black circle at the bottom.
6. Now stick the button to the centre of your Poke ball, on the strip of black tape.
Your Poke ball lamp shade is ready!!

You can also:

1. Use any form of paint for your Poke ball, as long as it looks bright and shiny.
2. You can make the button of your Poke ball shiny by covering it with transparent tape.
3. Go crazy with detailing!

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