The movie begins with a blank screen with voices of a seeming confrontation in the background, reaching its climax as it fades into the title. The viewers are left wondering what actually happened that was so horrible, that it left a man in the hospital and three women traumatised. The whole movie revolves around that one incident, and the impact it has on the lives of many.

Expertly written and directed, Pink delicately yet ruthlessly portrays the harsh, horrific reality in our society today. How a woman’s character is, indeed, judged by a clock’s hour hand; how nobody questions the morality of the rapist, but everyone agrees that the victim is of an immoral character; how sexual abuse is seen as a normal threat used against women to ‘put them in their place’; how the matter of consent is not even known concept to most, or even considered as valid phenomena and so on.

It deals with a whole range of issues- from gender bias, sexual harassment, victim blaming, to even how people from the North East face discrimination in the rest of the country- with hard hitting points and thought provoking irony, that is not lost on the viewers. If I could, I would rate this movie a 10/5, but my editor would end my writing experience here if I do so, hence, I shall settle for a 4.5/5. As for what the horrific incident is? Well, you have to sit through till the end credits to find out.

“No Means No,” driving that most basic point through, Pink is such an absorbing and impactful film that you just want everyone to drop everything to go and watch it. Backed with a hauntingly perfect score, immaculate dialogue and raw, passionate performances from the entire cast and, movie is easily an instant hit.

Lalantika Arvind
Student Reporter