We are all familiar with the sweet clinkering of the coins that we save up in our piggy banks. But it does break our hearts, every time we have to smash them, once they are full. So, to save ourselves the heartbreak, here is an easy tutorial to make an adorable recyclable piggy bank.

You will require:

A plastic jar

Pink chart paper

Googly eyes

Paper cutter

Pink acrylic paint

Paint brush


Black Marker

Spare marker caps

Now follow these steps:

1.Make a slot on the jar for the coins to go in, and cut it with the help of a paper cutter. Take the help of an adult to do so.

2.Now place the jar, so that the coin slot is on the top, and attach four spare marker caps to the bottom of the jar. These caps will serve as the legs of your piggy bank.

3.Now paint the jar with two coats of pink acrylic colour. Let it dry.

4.Cut two triangles, with round edges, out of the pink chart paper. These will be the ears of your piggy. Stick the ears onto the jar, on the curved surface, just behind the lid. Fold the upper corners of the ears, to give it a realistic look.

5.For the tail of your piggy, make concentric circles on the pink chart paper and follow the lines to cut the tail out. Stick it to the bottom of the jar.

6.Now paint the snout of the piggy on the lid of the jar and add googly eyes, as shown above, to complete your piggy bank.

Keep in mind:

Take the help of an adult while using the paper cutter.

You can go crazy with your piggy bank, colour it, bedazzle it, decorate it with feathers, make your piggy bank unique!

Watch the DIY video here:

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