If you have ever in your life thrown a party you would know how difficult it is to be the perfect host and ensure that your guests have fun and that you don’t go crazy and are able to enjoy the event yourself. Now according to me there are three kinds of parties you can host; friends get together (for no particular reason), a small occasion which calls for a get-together and your own birthday party. Read these three in increasing order of preparation, planning and stress.

Your birthday is an event and day you plan 364 days a year and every time you attend a birthday party during that period, you’re planning starts afresh because clearly your hypothetical party can be made better. In my opinion the most difficult task of throwing a birthday party is making the guest list, choosing the venue and food and ensuring it all is in the budget. No while I can’t help you much with the guest list, the venue and food I can try. Siddhi, Lavanya and I recently searched up all party joints (read pocket friendly party joints) and shortlisted three amazing places in central Delhi where you could throw your birthday party. Below are our reviews and verdict on each (in no particular order):

Smokey’s is but one of the eating joints in the people’s favorite Khan Market. Like most eating joints in the area, a flight of stairs take you upstairs to a whole new world of tasty goodness. You are greeted with a trendy interior and classy woodwork. The restaurant has a welcoming ambience with booths that provide for seating about 6 people. So if a party is on your mind, be sure to book a couple in advance.

We started off with some drinks – Apple soaked Mojito (Rs. 195) and Cookie and Crumbs Milkshake (Rs. 200). Both were very refreshing and the milkshake is highly recommended. Smokey’s is very well

known for its hot dogs and it lives up to its name. We ordered ‘Mamma’s Boy’ (Rs. 480) which is an 8″ hot dog filled with smoked sausages and tossed chunks of chicken in reshampatti chili sauce.

‘Mamma’s Boy’ will make you want to come to the restaurant time and again for those new yet classic flavors. While it’s a bit messy to eat, one doesn’t regret the mess at all. It melts into your mouth and you feel like eating a lot more than you did. The best part is that the hotdog is extremely filling and one could easily feed two people. But that is subjective to your appetite. We also had Chicken Ravioli (Rs. 475), a dish well-cooked but slightly bland with a small portion.

Our main star of the meal arrived in the form of a Molten Chocolate Cake (Rs. 340) wearing its Icing Sugar Veil and sitting smugly with in the porcelain dish. Give it a little poke with your spoon and heaven flows onto your plate in a flood of a delicious ganache with just the right amount of sweet and a lingering tinge of salt. It is a must try. You can also tie up with the Smokey’s for your cake.

The reality hits you when you realize that the ‘tasty goodness’ comes with a price and the annoying tag along, the taxes. Our total bill was Rs. 2,203. So holding a party here can be a slightly expensive affair. Although a suitable option would be pizzas, and you can try some combo dishes which are available at a low price especially for party occasions. But all and all, the food lives up to one’s expectations. It would cost you roughly 10-12K for 12-15 people.The overall rating we give Smokey’s is 4/5.

Boom Box, in Khan Market, is not one of the eateries that have been in the market for long but it has made up for it with its delectable food and quirky interiors. Any food lover will adore this place with its diverse menu of food ranging from Chinese to Mexican. The portions are large and reasonably priced and look beautiful on the plate. The decor is what makes the place unforgettable. With the walls having slogans, which the youngsters are familiar with, painted on them and dim lighting, Boom Box is a popular place for youngsters. Its decor will surely leave your birthday lingering on the mind of your friends forever, and the food only adds to the charm. There is also a separate non-smoking floor which just makes the club more appealing. For a party, I would recommend their cheese nachos (Rs 280), Mojitos (Rs 300), Mixed Vegetable and coriander Dim sums (Rs 275) or chicken (same price) and Pizzas (Rs 285). These will go well with the club like appeal of the place and the music played by their in house DJ. If you still feel hungry, give their chocolate desserts a swirl. You won’t be disappointed. Boom Box is definitely a place I would visit again with friends, party or no party, as it is just the sort of hangout all of us have been searching for. It will cost you 10-12K for 12-15 people. The overall rating we give Boom Box is 3.5/5.

The interior of Pebble Street is modelled after the popular American cowboy bars. It has a quirky appeal and a well-lit ambience. The music playing is calm and adds to the old world charm. The staff of Pebble Street is extremely helpful and the food they serve, delightful! For the party, we ordered a complete meal with appetizers, a main dish and dessert. Nachos, French Fries with Cheese and Cheese nuggets came in as appetizers, followed by Red sauce pasta, white sauce pasta and EnChilada BeFrijolo (a Mexican dish, containing tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, kidney beans and a lot of spice), for dessert we had Tiramisu and the party cake. As for the drinks, the restaurant offers an option of 5 drinks including mojito, coke, fruit punch, etc. to choose from, and the best part, you can get your glass refilled till the party lasts. Moreover the place gives discounts to the host, the cost comes at Rs. 750 per person. It would cost you 10-11K for 15-16 people, the best offer out of the three places reviewed. Moreover you can chose your own appetizers (any 4), your own main dish (any 4) and your own dessert (any one), and the drinks as I said before are unlimited! The overall rating we give to Pebble Street is 4/5.

 Kunalika Gautam

Student Reporter

Lavanya Singh

Student Reporter

Siddhidatri Mishra

Student Reporter