Environment is an impending issue which is either being taken too lightly or being neglected out-rightly. Few students from The Shriram Millennium School, Faridabad did their small bit to spread awareness about the issue.

One day five of us were called and told that we were to paint a wall in Crown Plaza. We were apprehensive but since our teachers had told us how creative we are, we reached Crown Plaza on the mentioned date and time. Two of our teachers were there to help us. We were provided with paints and brushes. We chose a design that signifies the beautiful green Earth that we are privileged to inhabit and started painting. It was a beautiful scene of trees with birds sitting on them and a clear blue sky above. We painted continuously for 2-3 hours. Many people passed by while we were painting.They found it a bit funny and became inquisitive but that was exactly what we wanted. Inquisitiveness to find out what we were up to. The message was loud and clear in our painting. Save the beautiful

Earth we live in. The blue sky is what we want, the green trees that is the abode of the birds and squirrels and the likes. Some of them appreciated our wo
rk and a few even asked if we could paint their house. After we finished we were provided with refreshments. Viewing our art work we felt proud and felt like artists. We can say for sure that we loved the experience. Please do visit Crown Plaza and see our wall which is located on the ground floor near the Mall office.


Ahana singh Rathore                 Apurv Aryan                                Harshvardhan Chopra


Somya Gupta                          Vikramaditya Rajput