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Aug 02, 2017 at 10:21

Before we try to understand the reason of abuse and humiliation of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, we must understand Padmavati herself.

“Padmavat” is a poem by Malik Mohammed Jaysi, written in 1504. It talks about Padmavati, the daughter of King Gandharvasen. The poem emphasizes on Padmavati’s intoxicating beauty. Padmavati in the poem has a parrot named “Himran” who is both clever and learned. One day he flies away and is captured, sold and finally bought by King Ratansen of Chittore. The parrot shares with him Padmavati’s immense beauty and King Ratansen falls madly in love with her. The parrot acting as his guide leads him to Padmavati who is waiting in the Shiva Temple and with god’s blessing marries her. One day, Chittore is attacked by the Delhi Sultan, Allaudin Khilji, as he too had heard of Padmavati’s beauty and wished to marry her. A battle ensues and in the battle, King Ratnasen is brutally murdered. Led by Padmavati, all the women in the palace commit jauhar (mass suicide) and Allaudin Khilji won an empty fort.

Now getting to the film. According to the Karni Sena, there was a romantic scene between Allaudin Khilji and Padmavati. This angered them to extreme measures and they felt that the film industry was distorting history and affecting the pride of the Rajputs. They entered the sets and vandalized them and SLB along with some actors and crew members were abused by the furious mob. After the horrifying happenings, came the silence after the storm. Not a word was uttered. And then ,the media came thrashing down. Firstly SLB stated that he would no longer be shooting in Rajasthan. Secondly, he said that there was no romantic scene between Padmavati and Allaudin Khilji. This proves that the humiliating attack on the cast and crew was based on false allegations. Today it has been stated that the Karni Sena and SLB have worked out an agreement. The Karni Sena has also made various demands. They are:

  • No intimate scenes in Padmavati
  • No distortion of history
  • The name of the movie has to be changed.

So far, this has been the journey of the infamous film. But all of this does raise a commendable question; is this supposed to be the attitude of people living in a democratic nation?

A country for the people, by the people, of the people. If this is the basis of our Constitution, how can we react this way?  The BJP leader of Madhya Pradesh, Akhilesh Khandelwal stated that he would give Rs.10,000 to any person who would slap Mr. Bhansali, for interpreting an argued myth in his own way. How can we be proud of a nation like this? How can the people allow themselves to be led by someone like this? When a film is made, on a woman who would rather burn than sink to a level so low, as to sell her body to a person so terrible, people do not praise her dignity and self-respect but retaliate on the basis of false allegations. This is not the only happening which has hinted at the ignorance of the government.

Baba Ramdev, an ardent supporter of the BJP states that being an LGBTQ is a disease and that he has the ability to cure it. When such an influential man says something like this, making people doubt themselves and manipulate them into following his belief, and due to his manipulation misconstrue their own behavior, it is downright shameful.

And with this I would just like to say that if people get abused, stripped of their rights for speaking up, India will not progress in the realm of humanistic  thought. Thus the majority of population will comprise of ignorant, misogynists with a desire to humiliate the nation.

Ishani Khemka

Student Reporter

February 2017