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Aug 02, 2017 at 10:29

When a child spins a creative web, for even the most basic knowledge, it often comes out beautifully. Here is Ronalee Bhuyan’s take on our space.

Long ago, when the universe was just formed by the Almighty, a beautiful star emerged who was named Proxima Centauri. She sparkled with her own glimmer and always had a smile on her shiny face.

Then the day came when she matured into a grownup star and was granted magical powers. The other stars in the whole Milky Way Galaxy celebrated. Sometime later, Proxima thought of using her powers in an amazing quantity and give birth to a stunning star. With the help of her powers and hard work, she gave birth to an amazing star. It was hot like most others but it was yellow and huge. It was the biggest dwarf star any star had ever seen. Proxima was delighted and identifying her as a female, she named her Sun, after the Roman sun god. Everyone applauded Proxima and told Sun that she’ll have unique brothers and sisters due to her mother.

A few years later, Sun did get the yearning to be an elder sister. Proxima understood her daughter’s situation and using her powers, she gave birth to a very unique celestial body. It was round and not made of gases, but of rocks. It was of brown-yellowish colour and it didn’t emit its own light so it could never be classified as a star. It was an amazingly unique celestial body.  But the stars, Proxima and Sun were delighted by it. Its mother identified it as a son and she named him Mercury after the Roman messenger of the gods. But since he was such a unique celestial body, everyone paid attention to him and Sun felt like she had been forgotten, which made her jealous of her much-wanted-brother.

Then one day, Proxima decided to put Mercury in an orbit around Sun 58 million km away from her, so the sister and brother would be close, this was a usual distance between celestial bodies in space. Sun was delighted because the moment Mercury was placed in his orbit around her; she snatched away his atmosphere with her heat. Now, there was no protective layer to save Mercury from the asteroids and meteors that roamed around between the stars. Sun felt satisfied when she saw Mercury get hurt in this manner for the first time. But after some time, she started to feel bad and guilty. So she said sorry to her brother and mother and Proxima gave Mercury the power to feel nothing, so he wouldn’t feel the pain when any meteor or asteroid struck him.

The next six children of Proxima were five sons and one daughter. After Mercury, a very beautiful daughter was born who was named Venus after the Roman goddess of love and beauty. After her came a son, Mars who was named after the Roman god of war since he was blood red in colour. After him, came the gas giant Jupiter who was named after the Roman king of gods since he was the biggest celestial body any star had ever seen. After him came another gas giant, Saturn who was named after the Roman god of agriculture. Then came another gas giant, Uranus who was the only one among his siblings to be named after a Greek god, the Greek god of the heavens. After him, the last creation of Proxima was born as she was too tired to give birth now. He was named Neptune after the Roman god of the seas. All of these children except for Sun were round celestial bodies, three made of rocks and four made of gases. But an asteroid belt was placed between Mars and Jupiter in the fear that their different components might harmfully affect them if they collide. They all orbited Sun. Venus was 108, Mars was 228, Jupiter was 778, Saturn was 1427, Uranus was 2869 and Neptune was 4496 million km away from their eldest sibling. These celestial bodies were named planets. And their ultimate source of light, the ultimate source that combined all of them together was Sun so this system was named the Solar System.

Years passed. Now all these celestial bodies as well as Sun had grown up and been granted their magical powers. But besides Venus and Sun, the brothers didn’t have the powers to give birth as they were boys and they didn’t even want to possess those powers. But Venus didn’t want to have those powers either and she had them taken back by the galaxy. So one day, Sun decided to give birth to a really unique planet. She put all her hard work and powers into this task and she finally gave birth to the most unique planet. She was made of rocks and when her family members examined her closely, they were shocked to see that she had oceans, lands and gases with conditions favourable for life. She was even at a perfect distance from Sun at 150 million km away. She was named Earth in an orbit around her mother that took 365 days.

Her uncle Mercury gave her the gift of an atmosphere to protect her from Sun’s ultraviolet rays, Aunt Venus gave her the beautiful nature, Uncle Mars gave her living beings that included humans, Uncle Jupiter gave her strength to bear anything bad, Uncle Saturn gave her crops, Uncle Uranus gave her a natural satellite, her own moon while Uncle Neptune gave her the gift of seas. Today, this very baby Earth is grown up and is Mother Earth to us.

But the gifts given to her by her uncles and aunt are being used in the wrong way by us humans. Her Uncle Mars gifted us to her in the hope that we would make her the best and happiest planet but we went against his wishes. Today, there is pollution, garbage and global warming everywhere. Only because of her Uncle Jupiter’s gift, she is able to bear all this but the rising seas are the signs of her tears due to global warming. We should protect our Mother Earth as she has lovingly taken care of us for millions of years and we must fulfil her Uncle Mars’ wish. We have to save our Mother Earth before it’s too late! It’s our responsibility as we are her children and there are people who are trying to save her. We must follow them and return her long lost glory to our dear and unique Mother Earth!!!

Ronalee Bhuyan