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Monsoon Bytes
The magical months of monsoon are here. The greens are flourishing and the flowers are blooming. For some it is most loved season, and for some it’s the most dreaded. It’s the time to enjoy the company of a good book along with a hot cuppa coffee (or hot chocolate?). Yet, it’s important that we keep some tips in mind, to make sure the monsoons are fun but safe at the same time.
Nov 28, 2018 at 00:00

WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE, YET CARRY YOUR OWN TO DRINK: The onset of monsoons starts with the spread of waterborne illnesses. Make sure you carry enough drinking water and keep yourself hydrated.


RAIN GEAR.. CHECK!! : No matter what you plan to do, always make sure you carry the basics. This means your friendly umbrella, not so fashionable gumboots or flip flops and the shiny yellow raincoat! After all it’s better to be ready for the rains than to be drenched and be sorry.



LET’S KEEP IT SYNTHETIC: It’s an understood fact that it’s good to wear light and synthetic clothes. After all one wouldn’t want to spend the monsoons, drying clothes or even worse burdening our mothers with all the drama of what to wear, since everything that was worn is wet and worse still not dry!


DON’T TRUNK THE JUNK: One of the best parts of the monsoons are the lip smacking street food that is available. But no matter how appealing they seem, if you don’t wish to have an upset stomach, please avoid it completely. Stick to healthy home cooked food and avoid extra spicy or oily stuff.


BE FRIENDS WITH THE WEATHERMAN: A wise tip during monsoons is definitely to keep a constant track of the weather report. So go on to Google as many times and ask “Hey Google what’s the weather like?”


AVOID A BAD HAIR DAY: One of the problems people with all kinds of hair face is the not so friendly moisture and humidity. Yes my friends you wouldn’t want most of your selfies to be with you looking like a frizzy bear. So make sure you keep a hair dryer with you to have the perfect hair even during the rains.


PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE: During the monsoons always make sure you have plenty of mosquito repellant to guard you from the bites.  


TIME TO BRING OUT THE OLD BFF’s: It’s highly likely that one will end up spending most of the time indoors. Time to have some fun, and challenge your parents to a snapping round of Uno, Monopoly or Scrabble. It will be a good time to do a little reading besides our usual study material.


ZIP UP THE TECHNOLOGY: No I don’t mean to say stop using your phones, tablets or iPads.  I know that’s something that we dread the most. Carry loads of plastic wraps and zipped packets to keep your electronics safe!


With all these tips kept in mind, go plunge into the puddles of monsoon.

A eureka moment that lead to solving the water woes.