Is upgrading your computer really worth it when the new features barely make a difference to the experience? This is the question I found myself asking while using this year’s Mac OS Sierra. First the good — Sierra further builds upon the strengths of previous versions of Mac OS, enabling the user to have a smooth experience, and allowing them to maximise their productivity. Perhaps, one of the most useful features of Sierra is the universal clipboard. Now, you can simply copy images, videos and text on your Mac and paste them in an app, on your iPhone (given that it is running iOS 10 or up) or vice versa.
Mac OS Sierra has many other wonderful features such as Tabs in all applications, allowing you to work on multiple projects within the same app, just like one would on a web browser. Picture in Picture allows you to watch videos, while doing something else. But all these are small updates, that make a very minor difference to the experience. What’s most disappointing is however, that some of the biggest additions to Mac OS Sierra, end up adding nothing to the experience, leaving the OS without a “wow” factor.

The addition of Siri and further integration with iCloud were supposed to be the big and flashy additions, that made Sierra different, and stand out in the Mac OS family. While good, Siri is simply not good enough. And, then there is the iCloud integration: the system moves old and rarely used files to iCloud and the new and frequently used files stay on your computer. In practice, it is poor and lazily implemented

To sum up, Mac OS Sierra is a good operating system, and that’s it. It’s not mind blowing , it’s not something that you have to update to as quickly as possible. If you want to update, go for it. But if not then no problem, you’ll be perfectly fine.

Shreyash Nigam
Student Reporter