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Let’s Renew Before We’ve to Bid Adieu
Globalization is on the rise and so is the need to protect the environment. With the energy resources depleting rapidly, what alternatives do we have?
Nov 28, 2018 at 00:00

What comes to our minds when we think about the word renew? We get our passports renewed so that we can travel the world and we also renew our membership to various clubs and libraries. Renew means putting a fresh lease of life to something that is getting over and is on the verge of extinction.

But what about energy? In simple terms, energy is the fuel for everything. We need food to keep us going, the food is energy. Our cars need petrol and diesel to commute, which is energy, which brings me to the point of our gadget run world. All our gadgets need to be charged, for which electricity is the energy.

So what do we mean by renewable energy? Do we need to recharge our sources of energy? If yes why so and what will happen if we don’t?

The surprising fact is that before coal was discovered, our ancestors and forefathers depended upon solar and wind energy to produce heat and electricity. With the discovery of coal, started the industrial revolution that triggered the overall modernization and produced electricity, but that was not enough. We humans wanted more to suit our comforts for which we started digging deeper for petrol and diesel so that we could accelerate our lives.

We do not have an abundance of coal. We do not have large deposits of oil and petrol to make sure that our future generations know what cars and automobiles of today looked like and ran on. Since we don’t have an abundance of most energy sources, renewable energy means finding other forms of energy that can help give a break to the over used non renewable sources of energy.

Now in the 21st century, we may have become modern with all the comforts and luxury. But the challenge that we face is how much more are we going to take from our planet? How many more trees will we continue to uproot to make houses for ourselves? The same trees that decay and form coal after centuries, are vanishing at an alarming number.  How many more warnings will “mother earth” have to give before we wake up and realise that after taking and only taking, it’s high time that we give back as well.

Every major change implemented, kicks off by taking a small first step. Here are a few things that can be done so as to make a difference for the environment.

  • Do your bit by avoiding the usage of plastic bottles and bags. Make your homes a plastic free zone so as to encourage the others as well.
  • When not in use, make sure all the electrical appliances are switched off.
  • Large residential colonies and housings can install biogas plants which can help them with a supply of cooking gas.
  • Solar panels can be installed almost everywhere to operate bulbs, lights and water heaters.
  • Conserve water at all times. When at home don’t leave the taps running when not in need.
  • When travelling by car, make sure that the car isn’t left running when waiting at a traffic signal. Make your parents switch off the cars!

Mr. Sanjay Vadhera

CEO and Founder of Kenya Organic Research Centre for Excellence

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