At the start of every year, we make New Year resolutions, but as the months roll by, we tend to slack and forget all about them. Well here is a DIY that will not only amp up your room, but will also serve as a new year resolution reminder!

You will require:

Glue gun

Paper Cutter

Paint Brush


Acrylic Colour



Acrylic Sheet

OHP sheet

Super Glue

Fairy Lights


Now follow these steps:

  1. From the sunboard, cut out two strips of 15×3 inches, and two strips of 9×3 inches.
  2. Now stick these strips with the help of a glue gun, to form a rectangular frame.
  3. Cut a 15×9 inch piece of acrylic sheet, and stick it on top of the frame.
  4. Cut out a 1/2 inch frame from the sunboard, colour it black and stick it on top of the acrylic sheet.
  5. Now divide the space on the acrylic sheet, inside the frame, into three panels of the same size. Mark the panels with thin strips of sunboard.
  6. Choose a quote, representing your new year resolution.
  7. Next, cut out 2.5×2.5 inches squares out of OHP sheet and paste the alphabets of your quote on it. Arrange the letters on the acrylic sheet and once you are happy, stick them in place using glue.
  8. To from the back panel of your light box, cut out a 15×9 inch piece out of sunboard. Stick fairy lights in a neat rectangle onto the sunboard and glue it to the light box, with the fairy lights on the inside.
  9. Plug in the lights and you light box is ready!

Keep in mind:

You can use OHP sheet along with butter paper, or a piece of glass in place of the acrylic sheet.

You can also replace single colour fairy lights with multi coloured ones.

Watch the DIY video here:

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