Director : Alessandro Carloni, Jennifer Yuh Nelson

Cast: Jack Black, Bryan Cranston, Dustin Hoffman

Anybody who has seen the first movie, will agree that it is possibly the best Panda animated movie that you have ever seen. C’mon, it is!

The third part begins with re-introducing us to Oogway, The Master who had passed on in the start of the first film itself, after setting off a flurry of confusion. Here, we see him resting and finding inner peace in the Spirit Realm, and we are soon introduced to the villain of the story, Kai. Backed by a classical version of the punk song ‘I’m So Sorry’ by Imagine Dragons as his signature track, General Kai is perhaps the most badass villain the Kung Fu universe has dared to explore. He’s big, he’s strong, somewhat witty and completely insane.

Meanwhile, Master Shifu announces that Po will be the new master, since Shifu wants to master the chi.

Soon Kai sends an army of Jade Zombies, or ‘Jombies’ to destroy Oogway’s students and steal their chi. The only way to defeat Kai is to master channelling chi, which the ancient Pandas knew. Po’s father Li tells him that he can teach him to master chi and they set off to the secret Panda village.

The message of finding yourself, your unique self is portrayed in such a fun and relatable manner, that I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t impressed. Moreover, the way it normalizes having two dads just makes our heart swell up with joy.

Overall, it’s a fun filled movie, perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. You’ll definitely want the life of a Panda once you see this movie!

Lalantika Arvind