Director: Prakash Jha                                                                                              

Priyanka Chopra in ‘Jai Gangaajal’ plays SP Abha Mathur who is a vibrant, righteous, and law-abiding police officer. She is the first female Superintendent of Bankepur District, where people underrate the importance of police and judiciary. Corrupt politicians vandalize public properties and harass the common man. SP Abha is supercilious and fights against the plutocratic corrupt politicians. The film also has director Prakash Jha making a welcome debut. He is Bhola Nath Singh, a corrupt police officer who neglects his duty in order to help the nefarious politicians. Priyanka is more than good in her action sequences and portrays her character admirably. At the end she is able to redeem Bankepur from rampant hooliganism and violence.

The music and background score of the film is just lame and vitiates the film much.                                                               Mr. Jha is a master, an actor, a good story writer and a determined director. He does everything for his film including acting. But I have many grouses to him regarding his film as of today. His film had a lot of expectations from the audiences and the critics. But he fails to entertain the viewers because of the plot. He ameliorates the impact by repetitive references to political themes. As a result, though much was anticipated but Jha fails to gratify. After some time it may strike Jha that recurring violence in story may increase the adrenaline rush but lose its impact.

Prakash Jha’s ‘Jai Gangaajal’ is an average political film, a weal for all his fans who share a passion for his films. I am giving it 2 deserving stars.

Aniket Parihar