Kyra Kanojia, one of India’s youngest Youtubers, is getting more and more adventurous lately. Constantly on the lookout for things to put in her ‘dream world’, she has been exploring toy shops, restaurants, amusement parks and whatever sparks her curiosity. Recently, she got bit by the foodie bug, and decided to survey the ice cream shops in the city, to shortlist the flavours and sundaes that were fit enough for her utopia. So off we went on one particularly hot Sunday, to treat ourselves to a day of sundaes!


“I like the colours of the shop very much; I love their small pink spoons. All their ice cream flavours are so interesting that I always have a difficult time choosing my scoops. I love all their chocolate flavours. But when I’m getting a three-scoop cup, then I like to make my combination as colourful as possible. This time, I tried to combine three different fruit flavours (because Mummy says I need to eat more fruit! :P). So I had Mango with Banana Caramel and Very Berry Strawberry! It was yummy. My favourite was strawberry and then mango. Banana Caramel was very nice because it did not taste boring like a banana. I asked the shopkeeper to give me smaller scoops because I cannot finish three big ones. I also took the ice cream in a waffle cone which I really like. Baskin-Robbins ice creams are very creamy and I wish I could eat them every day for lunch!”


“Papa has told me that Giani’s is a very old shop in Delhi and their ice creams are very fresh. Giani’s has a lot of flavours and I was again very confused about what to order. Then we saw that in their sundaes list, they had a Kuch Nahi Sundae! I thought that was a very funny name so I asked the shopkeeper what it was. They told me that when people come to their shop and if someone in a group says “Mujhe kuch nahi chahiye” (I don’t want anything), then they give that person a Kuch Nahi Sundae. So I decided to try the Kuch Nahi. In this sundae, they put five flavours – Chunky Monkey, Giani Special, Vanilla, Coffee and Butterscotch. But I did not take the coffee flavour. They also put many toppings on the sundae, like fruits, nuts, brownie and jelly. This ice cream was not Kuch Nahin, it was bahut zyada (a lot)! It was really a soft and yummy and big sundae. I will definitely have this again.”


“I think Movenpick looks like an ice cream shop for parents because it has plain colours. They also have fewer flavours than other shops. But the ice cream is very creamy and has a different taste to it. I ordered two scoops here in a waffle basket. One was White Chocolate and the other was Hazelnut. They were both very nice and you don’t get White Chocolate flavour in other places. It was a creamy ice cream but I think they do not have many colourful flavours.”

Gelato Vinto

“Mummy says gelato is not really ice cream, it does not have cream so it won’t make you fat! I think gelato tastes nice when it’s very, very hot weather because it’s more icy and cool. I had one scoop of Oreo Cookies at Gelato Vinto. My Mummy had Rich Belgian Chocolate and Papa wanted to try Coconut. I think Papa found the coconut flavour a bit less. My Oreo Cookies was good but not exactly like cookies. Mummy loved her Rich Belgian Chocolate. We all did! Papa and I both wanted to steal from her cup. I love the colours of the Gelato Vinto shop. And I like their gelato. But their waffle cone is the best tasting out of all shops.”

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