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Aug 01, 2017 at 10:29

People will often tell you different ways to do things on the internet, but we finally found someone who tells how to NOT! Tanima Kedar in conversation Sucharita Tyagi, and her immensely popular YouTube video series, Not a Movie Review.

From her haircut to her sense of humour, from her YouTube videos to her Radio show, from her comedy gigs to her t-shirts,  Sucharita Tyagi is quirk personified.

Sucharita, who started out as a Radio Jockey at the age of 19, continuing to drive radio listeners crazy after shifting base to Mumbai, has now taken YouTube by storm with her uniquely hilarious movie reviews, ironically titled; Not a Movie Review.

A cinema lover; not a critic, Sucharita has done it all, from voice overs, to comedy shows, to a wildly successful radio show.

“I like to try new things,  that’s why I say yes to everything that comes my way. A friend came to me and said, “Hey why don’t you try comedy?” and I thought why not?”

However, the nation knows Sucharita as an RJ first, so how did she join YouTube as a movie reviewer you ask? Well there is an interesting story behind it.

Sucharita has been an integral part of Film Companion, a community of cinema lovers, spearheaded by Anupama Chopra. The Film Companion YouTube channel uploaded movie reviews by Anupama, regularly, which were religiously followed by the channel’s subscribers. So when Anupama was occupied by the Mumbai Film Festival, the producers immediately thought of Sucharita, because she is hilarious (everyone knows that, duh!).

“When I mailed the first ever review to production, in the subject I wrote, ‘Not a Movie Review’, and so we decided to call it that!”

And she was an instant hit! The viewers loved her candid reviews, interspersed with witty one liners, rib tickling puns and a slight touch of sass, not to mention, the sheer simplicity of it of the content. And so even after Anupama’s return, the viewers could not have enough of Sucharita, and thus, Not a Movie Review became a permanent segment on the channel.

So what made Sucharita an instant hit with the viewers?

“I simply say what a movie makes me feel, because that is how cinema should be appreciated. It is of course necessary for one to educate themselves about the technical aspects of movie making such as the difference between a script and a screenplay, so that they could appreciate cinema on a deeper level. However, what makes films such a potent form of entertainment is it’s ability to make us feel the exact same emotion, that the characters are feeling.”

If she likes a movie, she says so, if she doesn’t like a movie, she says so, Sucharita gives it to her viewers how it is. One of the most important things that a viewer takes away from her videos is that one should only judge a film by how it makes them feel, not by their friends’ opinions, not by the critic’s rating, but the sheer emotion that it evokes.

“I do make some notes while watching a movie. As it got difficult to sneak in a notepad, I started making notes on my phone, with the brightness at minimum, I don’t want to be that annoying person that uses their phone during a movie.”

It is a well known phenomenon that with fans, one also earns some haters, and thus receiving some flack for her reviews of popular movies (read Salman Khan movies), was inevitable, however she has a simple mantra to deal with the haters.

“From among the many people who like my videos, I do not let a few anonymous haters get to me.”

On reviewing a movie, Sucharita points out that one must never stop learning about the various processes that lead to the formation of a feature film, because knowledge doesn’t hurt, right? Another aspect that must not be overlooked is that one must be absolutely sure of the accuracy of the facts that they are stating, thus she advises that everyone must fact check their facts!

“One must never stop trying. Good things won’t happen to you unless you start putting yourself out there.”

At the tender age of 16, Sucharita had started auditioning for radio shows, and happily claims that every decision of her life has led her to this day, where she hosts the #1 prime time show on Radio City Mumbai, uses her wit to make other people laugh, and gets to tell people about the thing that she loves the most, feature films.

Watch ‘Not a Movie Reveiw’ here: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheFIlmCompanion/videos

Follow Sucharita at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SucharitaKaPage/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Su4ita


Rapid fire (of sorts)

Hollywood or Bollywood? : Cinema!

Favourite movie right now: La La Land

Actors you would love to interact with: Ryan Reynolds and Chris Pratt.

Favourite thing about Delhi: The greenery

Favourite thing about Mumbai: The city lets me be me.

A movie reviewer, besides yourself, that you follow: Anupama Chopra, cinema is in her blood.

Is there a story behind your haircut: Naah, I just wanted to try something different.

One piece of advice: Fact check your facts.

Your mantra in life: Never stop trying.