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Ever thought of what could be the most amazing gift to give to your child or friend or anyone you like, read Tanishka Sharma’s take on the matter!
Sep 25, 2018 at 00:00
Walking around in a house, as ‘The Silent Observer’ (like Mr. Robot) what I see… I see
members of a family sitting in separate rooms texting or using their phones for some other
purpose. I see a kid who is a ‘Hyperachu’ (that’s what my teacher likes to call her little one)
wanting any or every family member to give him attention or to talk to him. What do they do
to distract him? They give him a phone. Well Mission Accomplished! The Hyperachu sits
down quietly, peace prevails and everyone is happy! Parents or be it anyone think that this is
the only way to stop the kid from annoying anyone. And what does that mean? One less
problem to worry about because… “I got a ninety nine problems but a kid ain’t one” (You
have to sing that!). I’m sure when I talk about stress relievers stress balls, throwing darts on
the person you hate (on the dartboard, of course), or giving that annoying kid your phone
seems like the only option. But I beg to differ. I see those sparkling eyes looking at me (or
my food), the lovely cry of joy that I hear when I come home, the wagging tail and the wet
nose… If you didn’t get that, I meant the four legged ball of love. A DOG! Now compare all
this to those stress relievers you thought were the only options (if you are still comparing then
I’m seriously judging you right now!).
I mean sure there are cats, but come on! Who wouldn’t like a bit of face licking, those sorry
eyes or other stupid stuff that they do all the time?! I don’t really know what being under
stress is like (I’m kind of a chill person) but what am I supposed to be stressing about? I’m
just seventeen! I mean people do feel stressed but I guess that never really happened to me as
I always had my doge by my side doing stupid stuff to make me laugh and forget all about it.
I wouldn’t say she’s energetic as she likes to sleep all day long (well, who doesn’t?) but then
on some days miracle happens and she decides to play or walk around the house with me
(that only happens when she wants food). You know no matter how bad my day went I see
that glad and happy face when I get home and every other bad thing just vanishes out of my
So, I think instead of just handing over a phone to your kid, giving him the greatest gift of all,
would be the best! Gift him a dog, I see no flaws in this idea… And you get to benefit from it
too! Healthy- because of all the long walks, Happy- because of all the funny and stupid things
that they do, and you know what? The list goes on and on. But one thing you need to prepare
yourself for before getting a crazy dog is… THE SUDDEN PULL THAT YOUR ARM
NEEDS TO HANDLE while you are taking your dog out for a walk. You may feel like your
arm may be pulled out of its socket or if you are skinny like me, you may just go flying about
in the air (that’s fun though). Yeah, well all this is kind of equivalent to going to a gym as
your hands need to develop resistance to the force from the pull or you’ll just go flying about
like me (may the force be with you). Since you cannot bail out of this task it will be like
going to gym each day, “TWICE”! We all know the consequence of that… Woo-hoo
Muscles and girls be saying ‘me likey’ (Sorry!). And also if your dog hates bath time then
you would probably need to pick him or her up and walk with all that weight to the bathroom
(This applies to huge dogs only)
So now can any of those stress relievers do all this? No! You know you can talk to them as
well because they are the best listeners that I have come across. They probably don’t
understand what you are saying but you know sometimes just talking about it helps a lot.
They’re great for hugs too (yes, I hug my dog everyday and it’s the best moment of each day
for me). Do you want another great stress reliever? WATCH F.R.I.E.N.D.S (Yes I’m a huge
fan), listen to music or read a book. Sure none of these are even a close substitute to the wet
nose and the wagging tail but yeah they do just fine too! I hope all the other hoomans found it
relatable and the ones who are not a hooman now want to be one.
Tanishka Sharma
Understanding the fascinating education system of the 40's.