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A long time ago, I was a brilliant one

Always known for perfection

“Winner”, “Champion”, were my second names

I was a nerd who played games

Ever ready for challenges and barriers

Never giving up, facing difficulties being braver

Talented, passionate, smart, and wise

Like a mature bird, ready to kiss the heights

But suddenly, that perfect bird got breathless

She was overwhelmed with tiredness

I was so close to the dreams, almost there

But now those precious things have slipped away into thin air

I’m fed up of hard work and struck by casualty

Lost in a sea of hatred, hopelessness, and misery

I realise too late, I’m on the wrong path

Trying to recollect my pieces, I’m broken in every part

But I know that there’s still a spark inside

Waiting to be fed and come alive

My wings, they aren’t dry yet

A bit of my magic will make them the brightest

It will be hard for me, I know

But I’ll soon learn to let go

And then, one fresh morning, I’ll wake up and open the gate

To the world where new opportunities await

And I’ll take off straight for the sky

Flapping my new made wings, I’ll reach my heights.

Samruddhi Phadke