There’s always that one student in the class, who falters in all the Preliminary Tests, but scores big in the Final Examinations. Happy Bhaag Jayegi is a movie which fits that description precisely.

Happy, a bride-to-be, hoodwinks her family to elope with her lover. But the only problem is that she ends up in Lahore rather than her lover Guddu’s (Ali Fazal) arms, and that too at the ex-Governor’s house. The story unfolds as Bilal, played by Abhay Deol, takes the responsibility to get Happy married with the man of her choice.

Directed by Mudassar Aziz, unlike his past directorial endeavours, Happy Bhaag Jayegi may leave a not-indelible- but-certainly- not-a-transient impression on its audience’s mind. As far as the script is concerned, it offers few, but genuine laughs. Use of cheap slapstick comedy is minimal, while dialogues may not elicit guffaws, the character-etching will undoubtedly do so.

Osmaan Afridi, the lovable, rueful, khaalis-Urdu mouthing cop, has the best of dialogues, to which actor Piyush Mishra does justice, brilliantly. But the showstopper is Jimmy Shergill. From the expression on his face, to his theth Punjabi accent, it is hard not to fall in love with his character. On the other hand, Diana Penty has given a marginally above average performance, playing the loud and petulant Happy.

Abhay Deol plays the lead role, and fits right into the shoes of a cricket loving youth, forced to be the next big statesman, like his father. His acting may seem a bit over the top, but Abhay does his roles with elan, and grabs your attention with his conviction.

What makes this film so affable is the underrated cast. Frankly, I think I’m suffering from a surfeit of multimillion, low on substance movies with embellished star cast. Happy Bhaag Jayegi brings with it the respite, and a cosy feeling of togetherness. I’d say that the movie, though not a keepsake, is worth a dekko.

Unmuktman Singh
Student Reporter