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Aug 01, 2017 at 04:59

Recently, a dog was flung from the roof of building by two Medical students in Chennai, and they even posted a video of their ruthless act. In lieu of rise of such incidents, Ankit Puri writes an open letter to our Prime Minister.

Respected Prime Minister of India,

Animals are innocent creatures that are born for nothing but love. They are so innocent that they trust you blindly. In the past, animals all across the nation have suffered brutality that has almost never come in the headlines but been brought to light through Facebook posts and social media sources. Our animals have been attacked cruelly in the past and as there have been so many cases, I can’t even list them all here.

Last year, I saw a video on Facebook in which a group of teenage boys in Kerala were tying something to a dog’s tail. The dog didn’t show any sign of discomfort; no struggle to get free. He was wagging his tail, curious to know what the boys were doing with him. The boys had tied firecrackers to the dog’s tail! In the recent Bihar massacre, 200 nilgai were culled. What was their fault? Nilgai are endemic to the Indian subcontinent and they are being killed callously in their own home. They are considered to be protected under the Wildlife Protection Act of India. Our country looks at them with pride. They have their own life and we don’t have a right to take it away.

We talk about equality but ignore the equality of species. India is a democracy and a large proportion of Indians are animal lovers and activists. By allowing animals to be killed, the government is disrespecting the Wildlife Protection Acts and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Acts that exists in the country. Animal abuse is of almost no importance in India. As you know, the maximum fine that can be charged is rupees 50 for several types of animal abuse cases under The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. Is that enough? 50 rupees is a shockingly small value in for an animal’s life.

Speaking on the behalf of all animal activists in the country, I urge you to increase the penalty on animal abuse so that our dogs, cats and other animals do not suffer, and please please stop the massacres that have been allowed in this country, including the nilgai and wild boar in Bihar, monkeys in Himachal, and peacocks in Goa. These animals are the pride of our country and many countries look up to us for having such a large biodiversity. These massacres and increasing cases of animal abuse make us feel ashamed of our country and it is even more difficult to call India a progressive nation if the government is involved in such inhuman actions.

You and I have the same vision- to see India grow into a more progressive and compassionate country. In addition, to creating stronger animal cruelty laws that make animal abusers think a 100 times before committing a crime, I would also urge you to create an animal welfare police department that would handle cases pertaining ONLY to animal welfare. This would give the police department a greater incentive to solve animal abuse cases and put India amongst the most compassionate countries across the Globe.

In an increasingly urbanized world, animals need our support. If we claim ourselves to be the most dominant species on the planet, we need to take the responsibilities that come with this dominance. Our actions represent us and our country internationally, and by voting you to power we have put our trust in you to make the right decisions.

A proud Indian,

Ankit Puri

Student Reporter