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Aug 03, 2017 at 05:52

A popular food joint located in the ‘futuristic commercial hub’ or the Cyber City in Gurugram with a palatable taste of Parsi Cuisine. As they don’t entertain children after 1900 hrs due to loud music, we decided to go there in lunch hours. One gets a warm welcome by the staff after walking in and finding it a totally different world to eat in with a 5-star ambience.

Coming to food, the names were itself funny and catchy like the ‘Gupta Burger’ or the ‘Chorizo Pulao’. I gave a thumbs up to the Yuzu Chicken Lollypop, Tandoori Soy Chops and ‘Nasik oranges and Kaffir Lime’ drink. The service was really quick, within minutes I had the pops and the beverage on my table.

The chicken lollipops had a different aroma, were tender and a bit spicy too but delicious. The drink was refreshing and came in a mason jar. The chops came last in the race and taste as well. They seemed to be stale and didn’t serve my expectations well.

At the end we ordered their all-time famous desert, the ‘Parle-G Cheesecake’. It came in a big bowl with rabri and a barfi and biscuits sandwiched, garnished with pista and topped with m&m’s. It was a luscious and a fragrant desert.

Although a bit expensive (costed us more than 2200), the food was worth it (excluding the chops). I highly recommend this place for a lunch and give it a total of a 4-star rating.

Kaustubh Aggarwal