Director: Maneesh Sharma

Cast: Shahrukh Khan, Shriya Pilgaonkar

Shahrukh Khan is the King Khan of Bollywood. Not only is he extremely popular in India but holds a credible standing globally. Similarly, his films are as grand and merit publicity and are some of the most anticipated films of the year. Fan is another feather in the actor’s cap. But the impact goes slightly tepid and makes the film an almost failure. I went to the movie theatre hoping for an admiring, new concept from which I could learn something. But I came out only disappointed.                                                                                                                                            Shahrukh Khan plays a double role in the movie. On one hand he plays the leading, larger-than-life superstar Aryan Khanna. And on the other hand, is his biggest fan – Gaurav, who has a great keen to emulate him and worships him as his God. Like the trailers and the teasers, everything in the film remains of a self-same type (especially the predictable plot of the movie).

Shahrukh delivers a commendable performance, as Aryan and Gaurav. His makeover as Gaurav is remarkable.

The film has been produced under Yash Raj Films banner. But the director and the makers fail to hold for long the viewer’s interests, making the film a little haywire.

Nevertheless, the dialogues are realistic and pleasant. And the film also takes a different spin post intermission. It is an average watch and gets 2.5 stars from me.

Aniket Parihar