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Aug 02, 2017 at 08:44

The earth brought forth the rugged gold Fire and iron bellows made it fine And from the depths of the watery ocean A moon round pearl did softly shine.

With gold and the pearl, and craft and care of skillful hands was forged and fashioned a wondrous crown For the queen who would rule those lands

The golden circlet on her head the queen ruled steadfastly and well Earth, fire, wind, water or metal She never forgot what the elements tell

She never took them for granted or asked anything more what was given was given they were not her’s to rule

But as time passed, the circlet was on the head of her daughter who sought to make them bow To her greed of power

But alas she made a mistake for her subjects began to wither not bloom time unleashed its cruel game to finish with her doom

Her daughter the third to have the circlet Sought to undo her mother’s mistake She released the wind and let him blow She freed the water and let it flow

The earth breathed once more And the fire burnt bright Metal shone once more and the Elements came alive.

Naayaa Mehta
Student Reporter