Cast: Alia Bhatt, Shahrukh Khan, Kunal Kapoor

Director: Gauri Shinde

Dear Zindagi is an Alia Bhatt movie, through and through. In the film, she plays the role of a young and talented cinematographer who is going through a crisis in her life. Be it personal or professional, when the problems become too hard to handle, she turns to therapy. Enter Shah Rukh Khan as her therapist. With his wit and charm, he supports the film impeccably and makes everyone sway. Gauri Shinde has directed the film with utter finesse and art. She takes some stigma off the idea of seeking therapy and never loses the sight that this film is about real people. Alia Bhatt’s work in the film is strong and a true treasure. She soars in her role. She is upset, angry, heartbroken and happy in a relatable way that only she can be. Shah Rukh Khan is, well Shah Rukh Khan, but he does not consume the film like he usually does. His “every broken thing can be fixed” persona suits him well. The music and background score is light and matches the essence of the film. The fault is that 2 hours and 30 minutes makes the movie feel slightly stretched and too many characters dominate the film. Dear Zindagi will definitely appeal to you if you want a slice of life movie. Over all, a few nips and trimmings would have made the perfect film. However that shouldn’t stop you from witnessing one of Alia Bhatt’s best performances and Shah Rukh Khan being his delightful self.

Ananya Mohanty