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Cometh The Hour
Aug 02, 2017 at 13:16

Jeffrey Archer

St. Martin’s Press

Jeffrey Archer is a name known to all. Be it his gripping tale of a man wrongly imprisoned or that of a man who rose from rags to riches, the author has a unique style of storytelling that draws the reader into the fictional world so cleverly crafted. His latest book, Cometh the hour, the sixth book in the Clifton chronicles, does not disappoint.

The Clifton chronicles traces the lives of two families, starting from the 1940s. The Barrington family and the Clifton family are as different as chalk and cheese. However, the lives of the families become entwined when young boys Harry Clifton and Giles Barrington form an unlikely friendship. Harry goes onto fall in love with Giles’ sister, Emma, but fate seems to have other plans for them. A seemingly simple plot is turned into one filled with secrets, unexpected revelations and so much more. The plot is stretched across seven books with the seventh releasing next year.

Archer’s books have always had a unique element which is inexplicable. It might be how he manages to connect events which are parallel to each other and concludes his stories in a manner which is surprising yet satisfactory. It also features events known to us all, such as the Second World war, from the point of view of the protagonists.

Cometh the hour showcases the author at his best and exhibits the new problems faced by the Clifton-Barrington clan as they welcome the 1970s. Just like its predecessors, it is filled with a plot woven so tightly and grippingly that it seems like a sin to put the book down. With a shocking conclusion that will leave the reader astounded and waiting in eager anticipation for 2017. Archer has once again proven his worth as a storyteller.

Siddhidatri Mishra