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Aug 02, 2017 at 12:47

Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Impoverished by circumstances, Raskolnikov finds himself in a situation he cannot turn back from. After all, how is one supposed to bring back the dead, especially when there are two of them?

Not only a timeless classic but a lesson in humanity, Crime and Punishment is a masterpiece written by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. It is through Raskolnikov that we learn the meaning of being truly human as we explore life through a murderer’s point of view.

Raskolnikov pulls you in, drawing the reader into a world often unacknowledged by them. A daring step, the book is not for the faint of the heart. It rattles your humanity. It poses questions you dare not contemplate. It challenges you; it makes you reevaluate the very epitome of your being.

Anxious, frenzied and compelling, this is not a book which is easy to put down. It transports you into the dark confines of Raskolnikov’s mind, introducing you to your own demons. Tortured by his guilt and shadowed by his paranoia- the question which haunts Raskolnikov is whether he should confess to the crime or not?

But more than that, Fyodor  Dostoyevsky asks a deeper question through the book. Originally published in January of 1866 in Russia, the book draws heavily from the country. With two themes as the central focus of the book, Fyodor uses his plot and his characters as a platform to express his views.

Sonya, Raskolnikov’s friend, is as affected by poverty as she is by her orthodox Christian views. Despite being forced to take to the streets for her family’s income, Sonya never loses her faith in God. In contrast, Raskolnikov, with his Western views, commits a crime to escape debt.

It is clear that  Dostoevsky is deeply affected- saddened at the growing destitute and poverty in his country and angered by the encroachment of Western philosophy into a country that was unanimously governed by an orthodox Christian ideology.

Crime and Punishment is a piece of art- it draws you in, it touches your heart and it reinforces your belief. Hard hitting, intelligent and masterful, the book is a must read.

Vallika Varshri



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