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Aug 01, 2017 at 14:47

A nation can only hope to survive if it’s youth shows potential, and the young saplings of India seem ardent on proving their potential to help the nation rank among the superiors. Here are a few such zealous children, who with their passion and determination, forced millions to notice and appreciate their efforts.

Muskan Ahirwar

Wouldn’t it be astonishing to witness a zeal to spread knowledge and help her peers, in a 9 year old girl? Well, Muskan Ahirwar is here to astonish you with her heart warming initiative, the “Bal Pustakalay”. The seeds of Bal Pustakalay were sown when the State Education Board visited the Durga Nagar slums in Bhopal, whereby the children of the slums were given books and other study materials. Muskan, with her thirst for knowledge and zeal to spread it among her peers, impressed the officials and thus, a student of class 3, Muskan, became the youngest librarian ever. The Bal Pustakalay, which runs out of Muskan’s backyard, becomes a haven for learning for the slum kids, once the sun goes down. Muskan, with the help of her parents and sister, keeps an account of the books and a systematic register of the issue and return of the books.

Fathimath Rahila

In an India marred by intolerance and heated debates over religious conflicts, Fathimath Rahila compelled the nation, to once again, take pride in its diversity. Fathimath, a muslim teenager from Karnataka, topped the Ramayana Exam 2016, conducted by Bharat Sanskriti Pratishthan, with a whopping 93.3%. Fathimath stated that her interest in the scripture aroused when she was in class 9, and was supported by her uncle, who helped her prepare for the exam.She further aims to appear for the Mahabharata exam as well. Surprisingly, the topper of the Bhagavad Gita exam 2015 was also a muslin teen, named Maryam Siddique.

M.Tenith Adithyaa

At the age of 17, Adithyaa is an innovator, a professional coin collector, a software developer, a teacher, a bird tamer and a gamer. But wait! There is more… Adithyaa has 17 innovations under his name, has won 15 international awards for his innovations, has 2 Guinness World Record attempts to his name and had mastered 35 computer applications and 6 computer languages by the time he reached the 4th standard. That is the young genius M.Tenith Adithyaa for you. Some of Adithyaa’s innovations include the adjustable electricity extension board and the banana leaf technology, which won him

the “Innovator in Residence” programme in 2014, whereby he availed the honour of residing at the Rashtrapati Bhavan and being guided by the office of the President House. Motivated by his passion to find solutions to simple day to day problems, Adithyaa looks up to the likes of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and Stephen Hawkings.

Suryassangyini Chaudhary

6 year old Suryassangyini Chaudhary made the nation proud by successfully scaling the 16, 300 feet. high, Mt. Khangchendzonga Base Camp, on 7th March 2016, making her the youngest person ever to do so. Fighting sub zero temperatures and braving a 90km trek, Suryassangyini’s feat is no small achievement. However, scaling mighty mountains is not new to her, along with

her parents, Suryassangyini has undertaken many such adventures where she had scaled 12,500 feet high Pindari Glacier at the age of 2 and a half years and the 14,000 feet high Himani Chamunda in Dharamshala around the same time. Now that’s one adventurous baby!

Nihal Raj aka Kicha

When most 6 year olds spend their time pestering their mother to let them have ice cream for lunch, Nihal Raj aka Kicha from Kerala has his own YouTube channel, Kichatube, where he posts adorable tutorials of Mango Ice cream, Coconut Payasam, Rainbow Idli, Puttu and much more. His tutorial of Mickey Mouse Mango

Ice cream gained such popularity, that Facebook acquired the unofficial rights to the video for a whopping USD 2000. Not only that, Kicha also got the chance to meet Ellen DeGeneres!!

Aditi Ashok

With the nation still under the effect of the 2016 Rio Olympics, who can but forget the one name that ruled the hearts of Indians as well as the Golf courses, Aditi Ashok. At the age of 18, Aditi has played the Asian Youth Games 2013, Asian Games 2014, Youth Olympic Games 2014 and the Rio Olympics 2016. Aditi ended her brilliant stint at the 2016 Olympics at the 41st spot in the Women’s Golf event. Having started as early as the age of 6, Aditi has in her kitty, innumerable titles and laurels, some of which are the 81st Singha Thailand Amateur Golf Championship, Bangkok(Winner), Amateur and U-18 titles of St Rule Trophy(Winner), Hero-KGA Women’s Pro Golf Championship (winner), Southern India Junior winner & Southern India Ladies(winner), among the others. Aditi, who had attained professional status a mere 6 months before the 2016 Olympics, single handedly managed to arouse the interest of the entire nation in a rather neglected sport.