Director: Joe and Anthony Russo

Cast: Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Scarlett Johansson, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany , Chadwick Boseman,  Paul Rudd.

Massive, enthralling, and by all means entertaining; Captain America- Civil War is the ultimate superhero movie everyone has been waiting for. The sibling director duo, more lovingly known as the ‘Russo Brothers’; have clearly acknowledged the demands of the audience and done full justice to their expectations in this common sequel for Avengers- Age of Ultron and Captain America- The Winter Soldier. They have presented a harmonious whole of hard hitting drama as well as astounding action on the same table making the overall experience thought provoking, yet nerve gripping.

Keeping in mind the colossal damage created by Avengers in their quest of protecting the world, The United Nations along with several world governments came together and formulated the Sokovia Accords. As per the document, the Avengers were to work under the direct and authoritative order of the United Nations. Some of the avengers however were not ready to comply to the whims and fancies of the United Nations, considering the extremely important fact that they too could have malicious intentions which are in sync with that of  S.H.E.I.L.D (rather Hydra). This viewpoint which is strongly supported by ‘Team Cap’ comes into conflict against the opposite viewpoint harboured by ‘Team Iron- Man’; leading to the exemplification of the title Captain America: Civil War.

The conflict takes place between two main members of the Avengers –– Captain America and Tony Stark. Fuel is added to the fire by the re-emergence of the Winter Soldier who is also Captain America’s long lost best friend Bucky. Winter Soldier is taken to be responsible for the bombing in Vienna where the Accords were to be signed..

As the plot ensues, a heavy weight of misunderstandings and insecurities settles upon the Avengers within themselves which develops large cracks in friendships. Lives and loyalties by this juncture are at stake and the excitement levels are at its peak. Then the much awaited entry of Ant Man and Spider Man takes place which makes the next 10-15 minutes the most memorable for the entire audience.

Supported with just the right amount of thrills (thanks to CGI), phenomenal background score and exemplary acting skills by one and all present in the movie, Captain America- Civil Warmakes it a point to ensure that the audience does not regret its decision to go watch it in the theatres.

Bringing together tremendous character dynamics; bold structure; thrilling action sequences; superb level of sarcasm adding to the charm of the movie and deep emotional cause-effect ratio,  it’s everything a blockbuster should be.

Tapakshi Magan