A film based on the true story of Odisha’s Budhia Singh (played by Mayur Mahendra Patole), world’s youngest marathon runner and his coach and mentor Biranchi Das (played by Manoj Bajpayee) who faces various challenges for his Olympic ambitions for the five year old wonder boy. This film manages to rise way beyond the typical sports film and engages every viewer’s emotion in a much deeper way than movies of the genre can. The film is one of the most honest and raw depictions of the truths and conditions of rural India and the poverty stricken class and thus, in my opinion is a very important one for younger viewers, especially as it exposes us to an India that is far away from the reality quite a lot of us grow in and manages to be accurate without over-glorification of the reality for entertainment purposes.

A young poverty stricken boy, Budhia Singh, is ready to run at the prospect of that fetching him a bicycle. Biranchi Das, a judo coach who runs other local businesses to make ends meet, takes him under his wing after discovering his talent on the account of a punishment given by him to the boy, and plans to train and ready him for the Olympics. His ambition may at times even seem rapacious, but is balanced out by the little acts of kindness and care such as him buying Budhia new shoes and silently crying upon being separated from the boy. This ambition, however, is met with a lot of opposition on ethical grounds, for the intensive practice and vigorous training being enforced on a five year old. The circus created by government inquiry, media scrutiny and public involvement in general, shows the truths of rural politics, corruption, greed, ambition, desire and their effect on an innocent child born with tremendous talent. The entire controversy culminates in a very tragic and emotional end which could leave many with tears in their eyes.

Budhia Singh: Born to Run is a touching and thought provoking feature that raises many important questions of ethics and values, but does so in a very unbiased and balanced manner. It highlights the grey areas that exist in all and every important situation in life and, is thus relatable for everyone regardless of how different the setting of the movie may be to the viewers’ lives. For this reason and many more, I feel this is a fantastic film that speaks to all of its viewers in a very emotional and deep sense and is a must watch for absolutely everyone!

Malhar Mishra
Student Reporter