Aug 02, 2017 at 07:29

Clad in lace, muslin and veil,

Champa flowers adorning her trail,

The expanse of thick, black top,

Glowing in the soft twilight.

Red deep henna,

A maze of patterns and letters,

And shimmering golden bangles,

Slide across her hand.

Her father and mother beside her,

Tears mixed with joy and sorrow,

They know not how to feel,

When this bride of twenty-two,

Is going to bid adieu.

The mirror reflects well,

As she stands to look at herself,

Heavy with emotions,

And heavy with an unknown weight,

Of superficial ruby jewels and diamond rings.

Rituals begone,

Garlands of beloved,

Hand in hand the couplet took,

Seven endless circles of promised eternity.

They say time flies,

Indeed it is true,

Who knew one day,

The girl with childish squeals,

And daily appeals,

Would bid adieu.

Bhargavi Kouli